Tell me about it...Will you?

I do not know why the feeling is still haunting me till now... No, it is definitely NOT the regret feeling but more like a missing feeling. I am happy with what I am having and going through now yet it just that...something, somebody, some elements are missing. Perhaps, the people I have been worked with were too amazing that I wish I could be with them again. 

Farewell for Noel, Caroline and GarYee @ Spaghetti Grill
They are AMAZING. :)

My LOVES! <3

Perhaps...I was too pampered by them and with them, you will definitely feel loved and appreciated. Whenever I face some difficulties, I know I will be not alone as Noel and GarYee will be there with me and it always the same for each other. Be it when we're happy, sad, silly arguments over matter, we're still be there for each other. How can I forget about all those beautiful things? 

Cried badly on my last day
Don't get me wrong, it's not that I could not move on or unhappy with my current job. In fact, I was truly glad and slowly adapting myself with the whole new environment and mixing with new awesome people around me. It's just that... how much I wish they are with me. But, how? 

I wish someone could give me the answer...How can I get those warm and comfort hugs when I'm down especially when I could not handle the stress? I miss how GarYee comfort me when my tears just falling too fast and I miss how Noel let me to beat him whenever I feel like to cry. Now... there's no more. No one can be such a sweetheart like them in my heart.