Okomen Japanese Restaurant @ Desa Sri Hartamas

Fuhhh! Like...finally, I have the time to update the blog! Oh hey, have you heard of Okomen before? No, Okomen is not another superhero like Ultraman for sure but a Japanese restaurant. Unlike other Japanese restaurants, Okomen Japanese Restaurant specializes in Okonomiyaki! It's more to a fast food types in Japan and also known as Japanese pancake or pizza. Well, I must say I was lucky enough get to try yet another awesome delish foods at here. 

Okomen Japanese Restaurant @ Desa Sri Hartamas

If you do not know or heard about Okomen Japanese Restaurant yet, it's time for you to head up to Desa Sri Hartamas and try out their delicious foods! The warm and cozy ambiance will be always a choice for comfortable dining place for everyone. To be frank, I was quite surprised to see the dishes listed in the menu. For once, I do not see varieties of sushi and other typical Japanese foods in the menu and happy enough to let the owner to recommend their signature dishes to us. 

Tori Oko (RM15.80)
Tori Oko topped with Katsuobushi (bonito flakes)
I would highly recommend you to try Tori Oko especially on your first visit! It's not just simply because it is being one of the signature dish of Okomen but also for its taste! I myself truly enjoy having it inside my mouth with great flavor of combination of pork, egg, onions and mayonnaise. This dish will be served together with the bonito flakes and you would be surprised how great the taste can be after top it with the bonito flakes! One word, yummmmmmeh!

Mixed Modan-Yaki (RM28.80)
Mixed Modan-Yaki topped with bonito flakes
It may look the same as the previous one, but you could see the differences of Mixed Modan-yaki by cutting it in slices. If you're wondering, this dish is basically egg-made-pancake wrapping the whole goodness fillings of prawns, squids and fried noodles that goes well with the sweet sauce and mayonnaise made it taste so delicious! 
Omu Tori Yaki Soba (RM13.80)
Fried soba inside
The Omu Tori Yaki Soba looked pretty much the same with others and I would describe it as the combination of the two previous dish. In term of taste, they're quite similar with sweet sauce, mayonnaise and fried soba. Overall, it was pretty much love for this one! The portion of it also quite huge that can be shared for a group of 5-6 pax. 

Pork Kimuchi Ramen (RM19.80)
I'm not a fan of kimchi but I actually ordered the Pork Kimuchi Ramen after the lady boss recommend this to me. It was surprisingly quite good to have the sourish flavor yet not too strong that turned out quite good in term of flavor combination. Not to mention the pork meat were delicious too!

Okomen Ramen
Well, in case if okonomiyaki is not sufficient enough for your hungry tummy, you could always opt for the rice set or event the ramen. If you ask me, the ramen at here were just so-so to me but it still better than some certain places that I have tried before. I don't really like my ramen to be too salty and this was just nice to my liking. And oh, did I mentioned the flavored egg in this dish was so awesome?! Yeap yeap! Love it!

Grilled Chiken set
Seafood combo set
Love seafood? You could opt for this Seafood Combo set to enjoy various types of grilled dishes in a plate.
Kimchi Pork
The combination of kimchi and pork meat in Kimchi Pork taste pretty decent to me. To have it as a side dish was pretty much good! I'm liking the sourish taste that comes from the kimchi and love the tenderness of the pork meat for sure.
Scallop Teppan (RM25.80)
Yours truly always love scallop dish especially when it was cooked in such perfection! :) Not just for the taste but also for the freshness and flaky texture that never failed me from loving it. I would say Scallop Teppan will be great for scallop lovers!

Unagi Maki ( RM23.80 )
If I am not mistaken, this is the only sushi I can see from the menu. The Unagi Maki were in quite generous portion and love the it much! Just so you know that, unagi will be my second favorite after the salmon sashimi. :p
Gyoza (RM10.80)
Look at this! You can actually get your favorite pan fried dumpling at Okomen! Gyoza tasted similar to our Chinese pan fried dumpling, served hot and to be eaten while it still warm, dip it into the special sauce and you are surely going to fall in love with it. 
Tontoro Itame (RM28.80)
In case you wish to know the taste of this Tontoro Itame, it tasted quite similar with our Chinese Char Siew (Barbecued pork). And yes, this is certainly one of the perfect beer food! :P
Chuka Idako (RM7.80)
I am not sure about other but the teriyaki sauce on this baby octopus was way too thick to my liking. With the fast food concept, Okomen offered quite wide selection of side dishes to allow the guest to enjoy as appetizer or just simply enjoy while hanging out with friends and family.

Green Tea Ice Cream
Black Sesame Ice Cream
If you ask me, the best dessert to have after the meal at Japanese restaurant would be the green tea ice cream! As for this one, I simply love the rich taste of green tea in this smooth ice cream. For black sesame lover, you could have the black sesame ice cream here too! It was really a wonderful dinner at Okomen Japanese Restaurant and we were all so honored to have the owner of the restaurant to cook everything by his own for the night!

Okomen Japanese Restaurant
7G, Jalan 22/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: +6 03 - 6205 9828