Watchuwant? A Pimped Up Ride!

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If you haven’t heard of Whatchuwant, now is the time to find out because awesome gadget prizes worth RM10,000 are waiting to be grabbed daily. And for TODAY only, you could also get the chance to pimp your ride. That’s right, we’ll take your ride and pimp it up so that you’ll be the envy of all your friends. If you’ve ever felt embarrassed about your ride, this is the perfect chance for you to give it a whole new makeover. You’ll go from experiencing shame to fame!

If you are selected to have your ride pimped, you could also have the chance to be featured on “Pimp My Ride”. The chance to have your ride looking awesome AND be a star on MTV – this is most definitely Whatchuwant, right? After all, this “Pimp My Ride” will be the first official Asian version of the hit US show! While your ride gets new headlights (and more), you will be in the limelight!

So What Are You Waiting For? Take Your Pick Now!

Whether you like talking, texting or surfing, you can get Whatchuwant by simply choosing any of the packs offered just for you.

*128# - Your Gateway to Getting Whatchuwant

How do you pick a pack and grab Whatchuwant? Get your mobile phone out, press *128#, then press “Call”. You’re already on your way to get Whatchuwant! After pressing *128#, just pick a pack to walk away with great prizes.

Step 1: Dial *128# to access the Whatchuwant menu
Step 2: Pick Whatchuwant Pack for special offers. Press 1 and send.

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Note: This is a sponsored post.