Two Girls That In Love With George Town, Penang!

I get to know this girl through the Project Penang trip and we're happened to be roommate! The first met seems to be quite fun and little did we found that we're clicked together! As much as I wish her to be in the same group as mine, just too bad that we were not grouped together. =( We're sorta like taking care of each other and talking about things we interested in, had fun and laughed out loud together during the whole trip. I still remember how heavy hearted we were during our last day at Georgetown and never thought we could be this crazy on the one fine day. Before I continue with more craps, her name is Zings ! 

Lovelies! <3
After the trip, we both still keeping in touch with each other, always glad to see each other during certain events and chatting time are the most fun one! One fine day, we were just like normal having our chatting time through either BBM or MSN and here comes with the crazy plan of "Let's go Penang!" and "Yes-Okay-Let's Go!" and "Okay Imma apply EL!". So, yup! Zings booked our midnight train from KL to Penang and booked our accommodation too!

Mind you, the both boyfies were been dumped and left at KL and we knew how much they worried and teased us at the same time. You know like "Oh two little girls going to explore Georgetown by themselves~", that's pretty... annoying! The both guys just dropped us at KL Sentral and there goes our journey started.

To be honest, we don't really know about how-to-go-around at Georgetown. A very different situation whereby we did not have anyone to bring us around and we just gotta go by ourselves. We've discussed where to go, what to eat, where to stay and that's the challenge we set on ourselves and let's see if we've made it. 

The experience of sleeping on the train was not bad, at least I could sleep well or perhaps my body just too exhausted from the work since it was on the weekday. Our train was delayed and we reached Penang around 7.30am which I thought not bad for it's not too early. We were both glad that my colleagues from Penang actually offered to fetched us up and brought us for breakfast. 

The breakfast we have had was quite good that we were both energized and ready to explore the Georgetown, again. You see, we could not check in for our stay yet and we wander around with the map that given during Project Penang and also our not-so-good gps on our Blackberry. I must admit that we both were too enjoy reminiscing the moment during Project Penang trip and we ended up lost somewhere at Georgetown. 

Instead of worrying how to go to our stay, we kinda enjoy getting lost at there, looking at people and historical buildings, fun! =D Never in my life just go travel like this with another girl friend of mine and I have never thought how fun it can be! I shall tell you guys where we stayed in my next post! =D