Happening Night with Hennessy Artistry @ KWC, Kuala Lumpur

I've been feeling down under the weather since Friday's night with head aching badly, right arm feels awfully sore, I do not wish to get up or do anything but rest myself. :( So many things happened in a week that I just feel so tired and wish to get away from stuffs. Can't wait for my weekend getaway to Pangkor Laut Resort for sure! Meanwhile, I bet most of you have had lots fun partied with the amazing artist during the Hennessy Artistry Party on the last 08 September aye! 

The Global Art Of Mixing

Waiting for the party to begin
The stage
The second installment of The Global Art of Mixing by Hennessy Artistry was held at Level 15, Kenanga Wholesale City which situated at the heart of Kuala Lumpur. I do not know what to expect as I have never been to there but again, I was simply amazed how the place transformed to for the party. 


Get my favorite Hennessy Apple juice!
Caroline & Eric
Ernest, Sher lynn, Caroline and Eric
Eric, Caroline and Zhao Hong
Bok, Caroline and Eric
Eric Yong and Caroline
Jess and Caroline
Ash, Anna and Caroline
No, I did not party hard but enjoyed the company for the night. Yup, that's the reason you should not bring me out to party next time. I don't dance or drink the alcohol drink, you will ended up seeing me just chilling with the juice and chit-chatting with the dearies there. But hey! Even though I did not dance around and getting high, I did enjoy the awesome musics by all the performers! :D
Free flow Hennesy drinks for all the guest
Huge crowd @ Hennessy Artistry
Gorgeous Emcee-s
Eva Simons
Angger Dimas
Nasty & Guruguru

Great company for the night
Thanks again Ash for the invites to one of the most happening party ever! You know you need not to actually force yourself to drink the alcohol but chilling there with friends too made things better and wonderful in a way.