The Wanted Concert ft Kyle Patrick @ Sunway Lagoon!

Well, I went for The Wanted concert and it was really a not-so-pleasant one. I was really looking forward for the concert for I've been loving and enjoy listening to their songs until we were stopped and were told that dslr camera is not allowed. Maybe I would say, even it was stated "Priority Lane" which sounds good but later we found out we had to go for long queue as all tickets falls on "Priority Lane" as well. So yea, it's all good still. 

Thanks Celcom for the tix :)

Well, this is my first ever concert that I have attended that only offer free standing, it has to according to the zone ticket you have opted for. And guess what? Did I mentioned that we were stopped due to dslr camera? Yup, and oh! There's few girls holding their dslr cameras and snapping photos like nobody's business and I just gone WTH?! Fine. It's either we're just stupid enough dunno how to hide the camera or the guards are just plain blind and could not differentiate the differences of dslr camera and compact camera. 

the wanted (3)

I was so pissed off and the music played by the DJ before the concert start were just all right. Thank God that Kyle Patrick finally start perform and how much love for his songs! The skinny handsome guy just good in entertaining the crowds and made all the girls gone crazy and screaming. 

Photo Credit : TianChad
After done with Kyle Patrick's performance, we were just left nothing but standing and waiting for The Wanted boys to conquer the stage for the night. No, there's no music played by DJ and just plain nothing that somehow left people bored. I must say I was glad enough to have some fun people to hangout with for the night. 
Photo credit : Jayren
Photo credit : Jayren
Photo credit : Jayren
Photo credit : Jayren
Just what I've been waiting for, The Wanted boys were up on stage and greeted the crowds! Oh-so-love! There goes girls screaming and gone crazy again! =D There's one song where they actually picked 5 girls to go up on stage while they performing the song "Heart Vacancy" and ohmy! the girls get hugged and hold hands with the boys! Some even teared on stage, oh there's happy tear for sure heh!
Jayren, Caroline & Anna @ The Wanted Concert

Jayren, Bok & Caroline @ The Wanted Concert
Bok is a huge fan of The Wanted! LOL
As much as I love their songs, maybe standing at concert just not my type. Or perhaps, I won't mind standing for the night and will not even bother get annoyed by people-standing-in-front-of-me-holding-their-phones-and-cameras-and-I-see-nothing if they did not stopped me earlier for my dslr camera and allowed other to enter with theirs. Despite of those, I truly enjoy part of myself at the concert. 

Lose my Mind
Heart Vacancy
Coldplay Medley
Say It on the Radio
Gold Forever
Chasing The Sun
All Time Low
I found you
Glad You Came