I know most of us have this kind of mindset, Japanese foods = expensive foods. Now, you can washed off this kind of mindset and go for the "Eat All You Can" Japanese buffet at Miraku Japanese Restaurant at Paradigm Mall! 

Just so you know that the name of "Miraku" stems from the Japanese language which simply means a great place for customers to enjoy great food. I have to agree that term for I have dined once at here and most importantly, you get to enjoy the foods in such cozy ambiance.

Valentine's Day has passed, but is that the only day for you to show love to your partner or soul-mate? I believe everyday is a special day for you and your partner. :) I have been mentioning about long distance relationship between both Nick and Amy, and it's now coming to an end. We knew that Nick has made Amy a promise but he suddenly appeared. Amy tried holding as much as she could and then there's Joe. But now, Nick is back, could this be the end?

You just have to watch the latest episode here! <3 - http://youtu.be/wnSaxejvj6U

If you have missed out the full story, you can watch the first episode at http://youtu.be/FCnNYgrEw7c and also the second episode at http://youtu.be/6pDcf73J9YI !

I still remember it was on the mid-week and it was pouring heavily on that day and we went to Rainforest Bistro to try out their foods in the new menu. The ambiance was cozy and the way the place decorated gave you the feeling as if you're chilling or dining in the rainforest. 

Caesar Salad (RM12.90)
Caeser Salad to begin with. I love something original and this bowl of ceasar salad certainly perfect for me. The mixture of fresh and crisp lettuce, finely sliced carrots, eggs, bread crumbs, garnished with Parmesan cheese and tossed with chef's secret dressing - simply lovely!

The moment I heard of "deep tissue" massage, I actually quite hesitate to give it a try because from what I know previously was the experience of deep tissue massage is quite "painful" one and normally cater more to the male. However, I gave it a try just because I've gone through such long day at works everyday and rushing datelines, my body deserves pampering session.

Look exhausted?
Before the massage begin, the masseuse has prepared the scrub for me to take shower. What been playing on my mind was "gosh, it's going to be really painful" until the moment I stepped into the treatment room. I have no idea when she show me all types of woods and telling me she is going to use it for the whole treatment instead of using her hands. This is certainly something NEW to yours truly!
It's the month of February and we know that it's going to be all about LOVE! When it comes to love, lovely and sweet surprises would come to your way unexpectedly. It was just a day before I left KL for KK and I was greeted with this beautiful surprise from VanityTrove

VanityTrove : It's All About Love
A trove that contains their specially hand-picked beauty products for us to pamper ourselves with the loved ones. How thoughtful it can be? <3 Being myself, always full with the curiosity just could not wait to unbox it immediately.  

Message by VanityTrove MY
The moment I opened it, it was nicely covered with the wrapping colored paper and there's a card. A card that written something sweet - "Dear Caroline, Enjoy your Beautiful Surprises! xoxo, Valerie

Wishing all of you a prosperous Snake year ahead and may the Snake year bring you the best of health, happiness and prosperity! GONG XI GONG XI! 

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and I bet most of you have done with the CNY shopping and get your mani-pedi and hairdo done! So am I. :) Though I have to say I didn't shopped much compare to previous years and I myself do not why. It just seems like all the clothes looked the same. :/

Duo tone hair colors
As for my hair, I was totally happy that the team at The Met Ampang for their wonderful job for the hair makeover. I've been to several hair salons at here and am getting bored with the brownish color as other colors not suitable for me, they said. For once, someone told me I can have other color for my hair and that just made me felt so happy! 
Dark Red x Bright Red