Hair Makeover by The Met Ampang

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and I bet most of you have done with the CNY shopping and get your mani-pedi and hairdo done! So am I. :) Though I have to say I didn't shopped much compare to previous years and I myself do not why. It just seems like all the clothes looked the same. :/

Duo tone hair colors
As for my hair, I was totally happy that the team at The Met Ampang for their wonderful job for the hair makeover. I've been to several hair salons at here and am getting bored with the brownish color as other colors not suitable for me, they said. For once, someone told me I can have other color for my hair and that just made me felt so happy! 
Dark Red x Bright Red

There's no haircut but hair trimming to texturise my hairs so it won't look too dull. Chi Wai did a great job on that. While Wayne suggested duo tone colors for my hair - dark red and bright red. Bleaching is a no-no to me, it's not like I need a super bright color to be stand out anyway. :) Well, what do you think of this? 

OOTD : Giyongchy print shirt x leather pant x  boots 
I have lot of friends around me asking me that, what's the point of coloring your hair if it's only shine under the sunshine? What say you? 

Fashionable Black Shoe Boots from
Oh wait, can you see the black shoe boot that I wore on the picture? It's really comfy to wear with the soft cotton inside it and it only cost me for RM31.60 from !