Deep Tissue Healing Massage @ CRES

The moment I heard of "deep tissue" massage, I actually quite hesitate to give it a try because from what I know previously was the experience of deep tissue massage is quite "painful" one and normally cater more to the male. However, I gave it a try just because I've gone through such long day at works everyday and rushing datelines, my body deserves pampering session.

Look exhausted?
Before the massage begin, the masseuse has prepared the scrub for me to take shower. What been playing on my mind was "gosh, it's going to be really painful" until the moment I stepped into the treatment room. I have no idea when she show me all types of woods and telling me she is going to use it for the whole treatment instead of using her hands. This is certainly something NEW to yours truly!

WANT TO KNOW MORE? Using natural old teak wood, the muscle is firmly kneaded, rolled and pressed to reach the deep tissue of the body. Old teak wood is hard, contains natural oil and its outer cell walls are covered with silica, which can generate electromagnetic effect under pressure or heat. Thus when used as massage tool, it helps restore and rebalance the body's electromagnetic field and meridian system. Different sizes of teak wood is used on various parts of the body and maximize leverage and gravity with sliding, rolling, kneading, pivoting, levering, tapping and friction techniques to reach deep tissue on these trouble areas such as neck, shoulders, back and legs. 

Treatment room

The masseuse applied an adequate amount of deep sensual massage oil on my body parts and begin with the deep tissue healing massage. I was quite surprised that it wasn't as painful (or perhaps painless) as I thought. It was rather pleasant and soothing. Though I do felt pain on certain part like shoulder and calves part. She also explained that it's normal for both parts especially when I get too tension and also wearing high heels most of the time. Through this treatment, it loosen the muscle and release the pain and tense. How much I love this!

JUST SO YOU KNOW THAT... Deep Sensual Massage Oil, a specialty oil for deep infiltration of the active ingredients into the deep tissue in order to stimulate and activate the detoxification process. Rich in Vitamins A, C, D and E, make it especially helpful for delicate and dry skin type. Contained Textron Sunflower Oil rich in essential fatty acids, with the collaboration blends of pure Lemongrass and Lavender essential oil, it will helps to purify the skin in depths and restore the skin tone meanwhile promote balance and relax appearance condition.

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The masseuse also explained how effective by using this old teak wood as massage tool compare to using bare hands.With all various shapes designed teak wood, it covers more areas than by using hand. She also been such a friendly masseuse sharing more information on this treatment. If there are lumps blocking the circulation of the tensed tissue or exhausted muscle, causing limited movement or pain, Deep Tissue Healing Massage will break down the lumps and restore movement and relief pain. The active ingredients of the Deep Sensual Massage Oil penetrate to deep tissue to promote circulation, sensory nerve perception, lymphatic drainage and provide a deep sense of relaxation and well-being. Release deep muscular tension, relieve stress and strain, reducing pain, providing instant healing and a deep and soothing recovery.

How do I feel after the treatment? My whole body muscle especially on my calves and neck and shoulder part was loosen and certainly much relaxing. It's normal to feel a lil bit sore a day after that but it would be fine after that, that what was told by the masseuse to me. ^^

If you do not know about this Deep Tissue Healing Massage yet, it is most effective on:-
  • Relax stressed calf muscle for wearing high heels regularly
  • Reduce muscular pain or strain
  • Relieve tensed neck and shoulder tissue due to stress
  • Relief periodical migraine
  • Revitalize body by easing tired and exhausted deep tissue
  • Improve reflex and blood circulation of the feet
  • Softening stubborn cellulite

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