I SUPER LOVE MUSICAL! The experience watching the Magical Musical right in front my eyes is truly unforgettable. Now, here come another musical in town! Aladdin The Musical, I bet it going to bring us far far to the magical land of Askabar! Being a Disney freak of me, who always love some kind of living in a fantasy world, this is just going to hook me up! 

Aladdin The Musical
The West End Production just going to bring us to ride on a magic carpet to see a whole new world of the magical land of Askabar. Why I am so excited for this? The Gala Premiere will be set on the 25th November at the Amphitheatre, Sunway Lagoon and just so you know that Aladdin The Musical will add a modern, musical twists to its stage play. Intergrating contemporary pop music with the classic storyline, Aladdin The Musical definitely a production that all walks of life will enjoy.

The night that I have had fun with the bunch, the night that I've seen lotsa fashionistas dressed in style, the night that is too glamorous to be kept as memories! What else other than the Tri Factor Glam Night which was held at KL Live and it was the record of Malaysia's First Ever Fashion Concert I have attended so far!

Ticket for TFGN
Happy girl with the TFGN balloon!

To be honest, I have never really bother how to take care of my skin, just so you know that am such a lazy bump! I used to be a person who just use facial cleanser and never follow proper skincare regime. That's also what you can see on my face now. But hey! I believe we always trying to improve ourself so do I. It's never too late to learn and explore more in taking care of our skin. Thanks a bunch to Melissa for tagging me along and that makes us to be the first of the few to get to know about Enuca products and to try the products too! 
Entering the White House, everything is in white and with the gold color on Enuca's sign, LUXURIOUS, that's all I can describe it. Little did I know that the tagline of Enuca is Luxury Is Yours. Being the first two comers, both Melissa and I were escorted around the White House and there's few more rooms upstair which will be used for some of the classes soon. 
Since the day Fischers Fritze entered my life, everything is totally different. Why? It seems that I am bringing him everywhere I go more than compare to my boyfriend. That's really have to thanks to THEM! While having an affair with him, I have never felt ashamed to introduce him to my fellow bunch of good friends!

He don't mind to drive me to work while facing the massive road jam in the morning.

He doesn't mind I took his lovely blue hat
It has been a long day for me today! Don't get me wrong, am always loving the Monday as it always resembles a new exciting start of everything. For those who often dine out with me surely know am such a big eater and always enjoy eating and trying something new with the gang! Talking about foods and friends, well I think that good foods gathered everyone together and have a happy meal.
Themed Buffet
Last Tuesday, I have visited the Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel and get to dine in at their Terazza Brasserie cafe. Before entering the cafe, it was kinda surprised to know that Terazza Brasserie comes with a buffet theme on different days! How amazing is that? Looking at the Tex-Mex Flair theme for the Tuesday, I was pretty excited to enter and see what's served on the night.
Have you heard of the Tri-Factor Glam Night? It is definitely something new to me! The Tri-Factor Glam Night  also known as Malaysia's World Fashion Concept and also World's First Tri-Concept. This prestige event is specially bring by HELP University College. In short, Tri-Factor Glam Night is Malaysia's first ever fashion concert or more precisely is fashion competition for students. This competition comprises of three categories - modelling, fashion designing and fashion photography.

Tri-Factor Glam Night

Teams of 3, each consisting of 1 model, 1 designer and 1 photographer, will be competing for the title of Tri Factor Glam Night Champion and stand to win a cash prize of RM 10,000! Here, where the contestants could showcase their skills in modelling, photography and fashion design and shine in front of some of the local fashion industry's biggest name for one night!

Now you see me, now you don't, now you see me again! Ahar... Recently I was too busy and a lil bit tense, or maybe I was too homesick that I couldn't wait till the December to back to home. I love trying something new, not adventurous but good enough to get to try the new taste. Here, I would like to share my experience eating some traditional and authentic Korean cuisines at SoonDaeYa last Saturday!
Restoran SoonDaeYa
Complimentary kimchi
Kkakdugi (Radish soup)
Unlike the typical Korean cuisines that we had at other Korean restaurant, this restaurant did not serve something like bulgogi or rice served with numerous of condiments. I found it it's pretty amazed whereby this restaurant visited by quite a large number of Korean people rather than the local. You know what I mean? ( You can easily see handsome Korean guys and pretty Korean girls at here )
03 October 2011 (Monday)

You know I have been expecting you. You know how excited I am when I was informed that you're coming to me. The long waiting finally over and you surprised me with your presence. 

If you're craving for some sushis or sort of Japanese foods but would not want to sit in to wait, Sushi Q is the place for you! I guess many of you been hearing about Sushi Q at Midvalley and One Utama, and now there are newly open Sushi Q outlet at Publika, Solaris Dutamas! How awesome? 

Sushi Q
Sushi Q with its healthy fast food concept makes it one of a kind among others. All the sushi-s served there were all ready made and packed which means you can get your sushi on-the-go! How convenient it is! And of course, for those who wish to dine in also welcome to the Sushi Q as you may sit in and enjoy the foods too! 
Abstract Art
Wacoal Malaysia, in collaboration with Parkson Corporation, launched its 2011 Pink Ribbon Campaign to promote breast cancer awareness on the 1st October 2011 (Saturday) with special appearances by two of Malaysia's leading female artistes - Elaine Daly (the Best TV Actress of Anugerah Seri Angkasa 2010) and Debbie Goh (the Most Popular Actress of ntv7 Golden Awards 2010) - to help spread knowledge on early detection of breast cancer. The event took place at the "Highstreet" (new wing) of 1 Utama Shopping Centre. 
Wacoal Let's Pink Event
Ms Lo and I
In conjunction with the event, a two-day exhibition was held at same venue started from 11am to 5pm to generate maximum awareness on breast cancer. Apart from fun activities and exclusive Pink Ribbons giveaways, Wacoal's experienced beauty consultants was there to impart the knowledge on brassiere fitting. Female doctors from Assunta Hospital was there to provide personal consultations and breast screening on a complimentary basis. 

So, do you had fun in the site I've shared with you the other day?? For those haven't check it out yet, time to visit the http://www.samsung.com/my/lovegakaxysll !

Just click "Click Here!" and there you go, many options for you to have fun with!

It's been more than a year we have known each other and it has been wonderful always! For all the supports and loves from her, I have decided to surprise her with a simple birthday cake after our dinner. Thanks to everyone especially her hubby, Lionel for keeping it secret from her. 

We all agreed to give her the surprise at Coffee Chemistry Signature at First Subang Mall, SS15. If you wondered, yes this is the new outlet for Coffee Chemistry Cafe at Sunway Giza! We were glad that we managed to bring Mei Yee to Coffee Chemistry smoothly even though she actually was craving for snowflake. With the help from friendly peeps at Coffee Chemistry, thank you for helping us to keep the cake till we arrived and Mei Yee don't have any idea with it at all. *Mission accomplished*