The Glamorous Tri-Factor Glam Night @ KL Live

The night that I have had fun with the bunch, the night that I've seen lotsa fashionistas dressed in style, the night that is too glamorous to be kept as memories! What else other than the Tri Factor Glam Night which was held at KL Live and it was the record of Malaysia's First Ever Fashion Concert I have attended so far!

Ticket for TFGN
Happy girl with the TFGN balloon!

Inspired by Victoria's Fashion concept, this is a night when fashion and music comes together. Just to let you know again that this Tri Factor Glam Night is where the competition bringing the three components of fashion world - modelling, fashion designing and fashion photography. It was me who came with sorta high expectation and hope to see something as glamorous and fabulous how it sounded to be.

Yours Truly & Eric
Pretty Ladies
Handsome Gentleman
While waiting for the show to begin, the bunch of us taking the opportunity to take some glam pictures of us. That's so US, if you know what I am trying to say. Apart of that, all of us get to participate in the lucky draw and also entitled for the free skin analysis conducted by Clara International before the event get started.

Fish Balls and Sausages
My dinner! :p
Just when our tummy start having concert, we were served with plenty of finger foods! Yes, it may not look as good as it is, it simply filling. Without those, I just couldn't imagine how are we going to survive till the end of the fashion concert. Alright am just kidding!

Video Presentation
Anita, host of TFGN
Stepped into the hall, I was stunned by the huge V-shape stage right in front of me! It was just so WOW! The gorgeous host of the night, Ms Anita appeared and greeted us with spontaneous greeting speech that we know she is going to keep us enjoy and entertained by the show.

The show has begin and the part that I always looking forward to - Runway Session! Each runway session came with different themes if you wondered. I do remember the first theme was Las Vegas. Too bad that we didn't managed to snap lotsa good pictures as they are walking fast and only if you know how difficult the best shot of them! Nevertheless, I am still enjoyed the runway fashion session.

After the first runway session, the appearance of Dina certainly hyped up the entire atmosphere. Needless to describe how energetic performance she had performed on that night! She is not only someone who is down to earth and she is definitely know how to interact with the audience with her friendliness and jokes.

The entertainment didn't stop there, Chique De Luxe entertained us with their sexy dance moves and I believe most of them especially the guys enjoyed their dance performance much! Dancing is not something difficult, if you could dance with some simple moves, you know you're someone who can really be great in dancing if you willing to put effort on it I supposed.

For the beginning of each every runway session, we were always kept track with the video presentation showing their journey towards the final which is pretty impressive I would say. I myself a person who love to watch fashion runway and I simply love to be amazed by the fashion work done by the fashion designers. What say you?

Vocalist in Beat The System
Beat The System
Looking at those pretty girls, I bet no guys complaining bored at that night. With the performance by Beat The System, everyone surely had a great rocking night aye! Although it is not the type of band and genre music I prefer, I had to agree that they rocked up the night! In a way that, it just like they're having their big concert on that night!!

Beat The System and Tom Mystarz
Next came was really unexpected performance, why? It was sort of collaboration of Beat The System with Tom Mystarz and that's definitely bringing the house down! It became one kind of unbeatable performance though I prefer nothing like shouting? What's more? That's the moment where the music and fashion blended together, where the models walk to the runway while Beat The System and Tom Mystarz performing!

It was quite a disappointment to myself seeing the models walking the runway and kept on collided with the singers. At that moment, I truly believe the process could be smoother and more impressive but well things happened. Nevertheless, I am impressed with the models who actually know what to do best when such thing happened right away.

The next performance by Rhythm In Peace definitely brings up everyone's moods again after the 3rd runway session. The dancers are all boys! Don't you just like to see cute boys dancing around ? :p

Ning Baizura
Ning Baizura*2
Ning Baizura*3
The whole event followed up by the host brings us the superwoman Ning Baizura! She is definitely the star of the night and her aura definitely glamed up the entire show! Little did I know that's the first stage where she start her singing journey and what love is? All the audience were entitled for 10% discount on her upcoming concert ticket which will be held on the 2nd December at KL Live too! If you have twitter? Why not follow @NingDalton to get updates from Ning Baizura herself? She even tweeted us on that night too!

After the great performance by Ning Baizura, there's the last runway session. All the pretty models dressed up lovingly with the theme up Mother Nature. It then come together with the walk for the models together with their fashion designers.


We were all entertained by the robotic dance performance by a group of good looking boy dancers while waiting for the result to be announced. Luckily it doesn't take long for us to know the result of the night as I believe the participants can't stand with their heart beating fast just to know if they are the winner! Let's see who they are!

TFGN Best Model Award - Sharminidevi
The Best Model Award was presented and announced by the Asian Model, Eileen and the award goes to Sharminidevi ! I was hoping her to win too as she's really has the model-look most on that night! Her walk was stunning too! 

Best Photographer Award - Jeremy
Next was the Best Photographer Award and it was presented by Jacky Teoh, photographer from the Paddy Field's Photographer. There goes the winner, Jeremy for winning the category! 

Best Fashion Designer Award - Carryn Goh
The famous fashion designer, Michael Ong went up to the stage to present the Best Fashion Designer Award which goes to Carryn Goh. I simply love her design in the mother of nature theme runway session. 

TFGN 2nd Runner Up - Carryn's Team
TFGN 1st Runner Up - Bishrel's Team
TFGN Champion - Elaine's Team
Let us CONGRATULATE to the all of winners and also to those who participated in the competition! It was such a glamorous night despite of some of the technical error happened in between. The event may not run as smoothly as planned, yet it still smoothly reach till the end of the show. Congratulation for the HELP Univerisity's Event Management student for their effort in this glamorous event.

Happy walk by the Winner of Tri Factor Glam Night
The journey is end? I doubt it. Why? Well, am looking forward for the Tri Factor Glam Night Season 2 next year! 
Melissa and Yours Truly
Yours Truly at Tri Factor Glam Night