Newly Open Sushi Q @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas

If you're craving for some sushis or sort of Japanese foods but would not want to sit in to wait, Sushi Q is the place for you! I guess many of you been hearing about Sushi Q at Midvalley and One Utama, and now there are newly open Sushi Q outlet at Publika, Solaris Dutamas! How awesome? 

Sushi Q
Sushi Q with its healthy fast food concept makes it one of a kind among others. All the sushi-s served there were all ready made and packed which means you can get your sushi on-the-go! How convenient it is! And of course, for those who wish to dine in also welcome to the Sushi Q as you may sit in and enjoy the foods too! 
Abstract Art
For a person like me, I rather sitting down and enjoy every bite of my sushi-s while chit-chatting with some friends. I love the pretty cozy ambiance and the abstract art on the light were all pretty impressive too. Come to here after the Wacoal's event was just right and of course my tummy couldn't wait for me to stuff them with delicious sushi too!

Garden Salad
Seafood Salad
We started with salads. There were two types of salads served on that day - Garden Salad and Seafood Salad. I love the seafood salad more for the fresh sashimi, tobiko (fish roe) and shrimp on top of it, bedded with the sliced crab sticks stirred with mayonnaise, with a squeeze of lemon, tasted great in mouth! 

Scallop Lips
Baby Octopus
Before we started with varies sushi, we were served with five ala carte dishes - seaweed, scallop lips, salmon, awabi (abalone) and baby octopus. I have to say that that was my very first time eating scallop lips and abalone in Japanese fast food restaurant. I found both scallop lips and abalone quite special in a way. Needless to say that baby octopus always my favorite and perhaps it's a must have for me?

Assorted Sushi Set ( Sushi Q Happy Meal )
When it comes to sushi, do you have any favorite on particular sushi? As for me, I love eating any types of sushi especially with sashimi. The Sushi Q Happy Meal with assorted sushi indeed a happy meal as you need not to worry if you want to try few different types of sushi at a time. Let see what else we had on that day!

Vegetable Futo Inari
Seaweed Sushi, Tuna Sushi, Cooked Salmon Sushi, Scallop Lips Sushi and Baby Octopus Sushi
Unagi, Butterfish, Half Cooked Salmon and Crab Stick Sushi
It just like we're having some sort of sushi galore and get to try every single sushi in the house! Did I mentioned the Butterfish Sushi tasted good? Some of us had second serving of it! Well, of course there were more and more sushi to come to us.

Salmon and Avocado Maki
Ebiko, Ebiko, Ebiko and Tobiko
What's the difference between Ebiko and Tobiko, we asked. The answer was ebiko-s are those sushi topped with prawn roe while the tobiko is the sushi topped with fish roe. If you're wondering on the different taste for different colors, they just taste the same. 

Tazuna Maki
This is another something new for me! Why? I have never had sushi with avocado till I try this at Sushi Q. I am never a fan of avocado and I usually will try to avoid it no matter how. To my surprise, I actually took it and put it into my mouth, it's really tasted great! Am not sure and never know the combination of sashimi and avocado could be this great! I can even heard they said this Tazuna Maki tasted AWESOME!

Lobster Mayo Yaki
The Egg Mayo turned out something I like for it sweetness well blend with the sushi. Though it's a lil bit too sweet for me to have second serving of it. If you visit Sushi Q, this is also recommended to have!

Assorted handrolls
Crispy Chicken Handrolls
I believe many of you had seen and eaten handrolls in any Japanese restaurant all this while. There is a difference between those you had at other Japanese restaurant and Sushi Q. The handrolls at Sushi Q comes with a unique shape which is in cylinder shape instead of cone-shaped. Reason simply is because it is easy to eat that way, grab-bite-go! There are 18 types of handrolls for you to choose - soft shell crab, crispy chicken, fresh prawn, special California, awabi, unagi. spicy prawn, california, spicy salmon, smocked duck, chicken teriyaki, vegetarian, cucumber with avocado, tamago, kimchi, cooked tuna and chicken floss. The star for the day was the Chicken Crispy and everyone loving it very much. 

Miso Soup
Duck Ramen
Awabi Ramen
Sushi Q not just merely serves varies type of sushi-s but also miso soup and ramen. We get to try their signature ramen-s which are the Duck Ramen and Awabi (Abalone) Ramen. I would say the ramen-s tasted pretty good especially the soups. The noodles were springy too!

Fruit Puddings
As for dessert, we were served with mochis and fruit puddings. Do you actually realized there were no proper plates or bowl for the sushi-s and miso soup we had? There were served in packing as their concept is fast food and sushi on the go! For drink, we're all pretty surprised when it's served in paper cup. The paper cups were quite unique in a way, unlike those ordinary ones, the rough pattern on the cup makes the cup slip-free, easy to hold and minimises contact of the skin with the hot green tea making it not hot to hold. It is a move made by Sushi Q to be green and eco-friendly. We all knew that paper cups are more expensive than plastic ones but that's a price that Sushi Q is willing to pay to help to conserve the environment.

Melissa and Yours Truly
Melissa, Quachee and Yours Truly
Happy face from Yours Truly and Elwyn
Yours Truly, Adrian and Eric
Adrian, Eric, Yours Truly, Lee Kok Kin (Chef), Yen (Outlet Manager), Melissa and Elwyn
Well well, Sushi Q is a fun and exciting place for lifestyle savvy urbanites to enjoy a wide variety of fresh delectable sushi on the go. For sushi lover outside there, eating sushi has never been this easy, convenient and enjoyable at Sushi Q! It is more than just rice and fish.

Sushi Q
Lot No.20, Level UG1, Publika Solaris Dutamas,
No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
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