Wacoal "Let's Pink" Event @ 1 Utama New Wing

Wacoal Malaysia, in collaboration with Parkson Corporation, launched its 2011 Pink Ribbon Campaign to promote breast cancer awareness on the 1st October 2011 (Saturday) with special appearances by two of Malaysia's leading female artistes - Elaine Daly (the Best TV Actress of Anugerah Seri Angkasa 2010) and Debbie Goh (the Most Popular Actress of ntv7 Golden Awards 2010) - to help spread knowledge on early detection of breast cancer. The event took place at the "Highstreet" (new wing) of 1 Utama Shopping Centre. 
Wacoal Let's Pink Event
Ms Lo and I
In conjunction with the event, a two-day exhibition was held at same venue started from 11am to 5pm to generate maximum awareness on breast cancer. Apart from fun activities and exclusive Pink Ribbons giveaways, Wacoal's experienced beauty consultants was there to impart the knowledge on brassiere fitting. Female doctors from Assunta Hospital was there to provide personal consultations and breast screening on a complimentary basis. 

Yours Truly
I also managed to learn and gain some knowledge from the breast awareness campaign. In order to enjoy the fun and learn more, we registered ourselves for the complimentary breast screening and we get to go for each station to get a stamp from them. The first station I went was the brassiere fittings. 

Getting to know which type are yours? 
Getting to know where is the important check point.
Guides on The Correct Way To Wear Bra
I was attended by the experience beauty consultant who is actually from Japan, she was being very helpful and friendly in assisting me in the fitting session. Frankly, I did not know THERE IS A PROPER WAY to wear the bra! But well, now I know! 

Next, we went to the Remamma station and listen to some explanation on after breast cancer surgery. Just so you know, Wacoal Japan has developed an original range of Remamma products from women who undergone operations for breast cancer. The Wacoal's Remamma Bra & Prosthesis is a speacial brassieres dedicated to assist post breast cancer operative women.

With the emcee of the day
Then, we proceed to the next station where we have to answer a question in order to win some goodie! Well, those questions pretty simple and yes everyone can win something for themselves on that day. And each guest entitled to leave a message at the pink message wall!

We then proceed with next station who is going to tell us how to check our breast daily in proper way. There is a mock breast at there and it is easier to make the crowds understand more on how to check their breast properly daily. Later on, we witnessed the launching ceremony for the Pink Ribbon by Wacoal. 

Lauching ceremony
The stage
Elaine and Debbie played an important role in spreading the breast cancer awareness on the day. There were also fashion walk on that day.The fashion walk is not just a merely fashion walk but also aimed to spread breast cancer awareness. Early Protection Saves Life! Remember this!

In my own opinion, the Let's Pink event was great. Everyone get to get a complimentary breast screening by the female doctor from Assunta Hospital. It's better to get checked than sorry later on. I myself too registered for it, how about you? Shy, is not an excuse to save yourself. 

Caroline and Merryn
With Bok and Emma
Emeryn, Caroline and Emma
With Elaine Daly and Debbie Goh
We all knew that breast cancer is a major killer of women in Malaysia. Why not we make on some effort on preventing it by go for breast screening? Let's support the Pink Ribbon!