International Buffet @ Terazza Brasserie, Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel

It has been a long day for me today! Don't get me wrong, am always loving the Monday as it always resembles a new exciting start of everything. For those who often dine out with me surely know am such a big eater and always enjoy eating and trying something new with the gang! Talking about foods and friends, well I think that good foods gathered everyone together and have a happy meal.
Themed Buffet
Last Tuesday, I have visited the Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel and get to dine in at their Terazza Brasserie cafe. Before entering the cafe, it was kinda surprised to know that Terazza Brasserie comes with a buffet theme on different days! How amazing is that? Looking at the Tex-Mex Flair theme for the Tuesday, I was pretty excited to enter and see what's served on the night.
The Chefs
Little did I know Tex-Mex is a popular cuisine that originated from a mix of authentic Mexican and Spanish dishes prepared in Texa-style. In other word, Tex-Mex connotes "Mexican food" in Texas or in some other states, they refer it as "Southwestern cuisine". I wish I could feast like a king on that night which I didn't, but definitely enjoyed the good foods! Let's look into what I had on that night, shall we?

Mexican Layer Dip
Potato Salad
Oyster Shooter
We started with the simply yummylicious appetizer called Mexican Layered Dip, Potato Salad and Oyster Shooter. They were just a simple one and enough to tantalize our taste buds to go on with other foods!

Grill Cajun Snapper with Almond Sauce
Charred Prawn
I am quite particular with seafood be it fish, prawns, crabs, and etc. Perhaps it's because am from the land below the wind, Sabah which famous for its fresh seafood! I found this Grill Cajun Snapper with Almond Red Sauce tasted quite uniquely in a way, guess it's the magic from the almond red sauce. Did I mentioned their snappers and prawns are fresh too?
Cornmeal Polo
Spanish Beef & Chicken Kebab
Baked Spinach Chicken with BBQ sauce
Spanish Beef and Chicken kebab is quite interesting in a way, as in I have never had any of the combination of kebab before. Guess virgin experience always something exciting! The Baked Spinach Chicken with BBQ sauce tasted wonderful too! I am really not into spinach but I am so surprise with the wonderful taste of this chicken dish.
Smoked Salmon Quesadilas
The Smoked Salmon Quesadilas was prepared upon request which means guest could get it freshly! Don't you just happy to have it piping hot? Just so you know that the quesadila is made with corn tortilla and is filled with cheese and other ingredients such as cooked meat and vegetables. It is quite filling and of course I wouldn't just stuff my tummy with this as there's much more for me to try on! *grin*
Roast Beef
The Roast Beef presented so nicely and it was awesome to witnessed how the professional chef doing the cutting and slicing. It is definitely look simply easy but well I don't think I can do that if you know me.

Assorted Sushi-s
When it comes to international buffet, it is definitely feels like round the world as we are not just having same dishes but yes, there's mini sushi bar too! My craving for sushi has fulfilled especially when I saw salmon sushi were there too!
Fresh Raw Seafoods
Fresh raw seafood were on the tray too! Fresh oyster is definitely a love for oyster's lover! Needless to say, freshness is always there.
Smoked Salmon
The Smoked Salmon really a MUST have when you happen to dine here! It tasted sooooo good that I had few servings of it. 
Mexican Rice 
Chi Chi Seafood Enchiladas
Smoked BBQ Spare Ribs
Seafood Aji-Lio
Little Corner for the Locals
There's always something served for the local too, so there's no need to worry of foods that you may not familiar with or not suitable for your appetite. In short, everything is there for you! And yes, am always looking forward for the desserts!
Chocolate Fondue
Am such a happy girl on that night when I saw the chocolate fondue! There's four types of fruits to choose to dip in the chocolatey syrup. As for me, strawberry always my favorite option for this.
Fresh Fruits
Fresh local fruits were there for the guests too! The goodness always there for us. Oh wait! There's varieties of mini cakes too! I hope you won't say me being greedy to try every single of it, maybe you can blame my sweet tooth! 
Warm Chocolate Cake
The warm chocolate is really something to die for! Why? You just gotta try it and experienced the soft and warm chocolate cake melting in your mouth smoothly, what a heaven! 
Assorted Buns
Assorted Cheese
Tomato Foccacia
If you're a bread or bun person, fret not, there's always an option available for you. The assorted buns at Terazza Cafe are all freshly baked from the oven and having it with your favorite fruit jem, cheese and etc. Do I need to describe how is it when you have it with a cuppa hot coffee? Yes, it is that good! Everyone loving the fluffiness of the Tomato Foccacia, it is soo fluffy and soft, just nice!
Assorted Ice Creams with toppings
Last but not least, I always end my meal with ice creams! There are several of ice cream flavors and toppings for guest to choose for. If you ask me, I would say that's truly a very satisfying dinner I have had!

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