Here's something great for pizza lovers out there! Italiannies has recently launched and introduced 7 new exciting pizza flavors with its 7 Wonders of Pizza Promotion that is available for a limited period of time across its outlet nationwide.

Still remember my dark purplish hair? I love the color and kinda miss it already. Yours truly have never gotten any purple shade color hair, simply because afraid of it turned out badly. However, it turned out nicely and that's all thanks to Chi Wai from The Loft Hairdressing! 。◕‿◕。

Ladies and girls! Last 14th November 2013, NIVEA has launched its In-Shower Skin Conditioner range. It is a hassle-free way to moisturize while in the shower. In-Shower Skin Conditioner, with its unique water-activated formula is designed to be used after shower gel, leaving skin feeling hydrated and silky soft, even after towel dry!

I have never been the girl who always completes my body care routine until I started to work from home. Don't judge me, I rather sleep a little longer than wake up early. To shower and do the basic makeup has already taken my 30minutes, hence the skip of the body lotion regime which is going to wait for the application to dry. With this new product from NIVEA definitely makes any of your life easier especially in the morning! (´∇ノ`*)ノ

Annyeong~ Guess what? Yours truly had a chance to meet Jay Park and watched him perform LIVE on the last 24th November 2013 at Zouk KL! Huge thanks to E! for bringing Jay Park all the way from Korea to Malaysia for a private showcase to celebrate E! News Asia special!

If you know me, I love the mixture of floral and fruity scent of my perfume. Taylor Swift launched her new perfume namely Taylor by Taylor Swift last June and I was totally in love with how it reflected in Taylor Swift own style.

Hey guys! Did you manage to pay a visit to the Sector Focus Career Fair (SCFC) at University Teknologi Mara (UiTM)? The SCFC career fair hosted by Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad (TalentCorp) was officiated by YB Senator Dato' Sri Abdul Wahid bin Omar, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department. SCFC UiTM was a join effort between TalentCorp, Graduan, MDeC and UiTM.

Annyeong~ Alright what's with my Korean wanna-be greeting here? Well, here's an awesome news for Astro customers! 

Do you know that Astro has something for being their customers? The Astro customer year end entitlement which starting from now till 15th February 2013 allows ALL the Astro customers to be entitled to Astro Family HD Pack channels*, Astro Vinmeen HD, Fox Family Movies as well as One HD in both HD and SD at NO ADDITIONAL COSTS. Besides, you may also watch your favorite programs anytime and anywhere on Astro On-The-Go at no additional cost too! ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ

I don't care, I love it! - There's no way for you telling me you never heard of this song! Well, guess what? Icona Pop is coming to Malaysia!

I was kind of sad that I could not go for Super Junior Super Show 5 concert in Malaysia today. On another bright side, I will be spending my Saturday at MAEPS for Urbanscape! I would not want to miss the greatest outdoor party and celebrates Art and Music! Thanks to Tiger Beer for the tickets and I just can't wait to have fun! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I LOVE LUSH. ♡(˃͈ દ ˂͈ ༶ )

I just got back from my pre-advanced birthday trip in Singapore and I can tell you that the happiest moment ever would be entering LUSH shop and shop till drop. That's also thanks to Eric for bringing me over here after I've told him I need to shop for Christmas gifts for my friends! I just love and adore the Christmas items in LUSH! 

Most of you by now must have already known how much I love and enjoyed eating Japanese foods and here's another Japanese restaurant that I've recently visited - Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant. Just so you know that, the Watami Group established in 1984, started off in the dining-out restaurant business with the key concept of providing a place for all occasions and a comfortable space. 

Watami comes from the name of the founder - Watanabe Miki. At the same time, in Japanese kanji, Wa (和) means "harmony", Tami (民) means "people", therefore "Watami" means "gather people to dine in harmony" as well. 

Hair Depot, a place I called a hair heaven for all of us! Upon entering the shop, I was greeted by the many various hair products displayed neatly on the shelves. There's so many to choose from and trust me, you'll end up get at least an item home with you. 

Every parcel that I've received from FABSPY are meant for another wonderful diary being one of the FSGirls out there. FABSPY has never disappointed me with their collection by collection. Here's one Mini Dungaree Dress from the earlier collection that I've gotten myself during their recent big sale and yes, it's still going on so do check them out at HERE! ヽ( ★ω★)ノ
You guys must be wondering what's with that title for this post and if you're guessing for another aesthetic treatment, BINGO! It's two weeks after my filler touch-up session and I was invited to try out the Fraxel 1927 laser treatment. I was quite hesitated to give it a yes because there's so many things to worry. There's many things popped up in my mind - "I just did my filler so am not going to take any risk on my face" "What's going to happen after that?" "How long it's going to take to recover?"

WHAT actually tempted me to try it? When Samantha checked out my skin condition through my blog posts and told me that the treatment helps to lighten acne and chicken pox scars. Acne scars are a nightmare for any girls out there and I thought of trying it if it is really helping on it. We met up in the morning at Chua Skin Specialist and she has been really great to explain everything thoroughly without missed out anything that might concern me.

I remember Dan Khoo asked me how do I save money during the recent Churpout and I told him this - Erm... I don't know how. He seemed speechless. *LOL* And I continue telling him that I think I do save my money in a way shop for stuff at super discounted prices! He laughed. 

Talking about super discounted price is definitely not about 10-20% OFF but more than 50% OFF! Everytime I need retail therapy and I could not drive myself out, online shopping is too perfect for me. I have several online shopping sites that I usually shop at and one of them is none other than eBay! Look at that, how to stop myself from not to shop when there's a massive discount on-going on their accessories and jewelries sections?! 

Tadaa! Now who said you can't have a Hawaiian theme party in the city town? Because I am going to attend one at Vila Manja Spa with the rest of the butterflies from The Butterfly Project Malaysia

Here's an awesome treats for both fairy tale and Hello Kitty fans out there! With five exclusive limited edition plush toys to collect, the McDonald's Hello Kitty Fairy Tale Series is poised to excite collectors of all things cute and lovable with their arrival in Malaysia. This time around, Hello Kitty is set to entertain you and your friends by taking on the guise of characters from five popular fairy tales around the world.

7th – 13th Nov:              The Ugly Duckling story by Hans Christian Andersen, Denmark

14th – 20th Nov:            The Frog Prince story by the Brothers Grimm. Germany

21st – 27th Nov:            The Wizard of Oz story by L. Frank Baum, United States
28th Nov – 4th Dec:      Little Red Riding Hood story by Charles Perraut. France
5th Dec – 11th Dec:      Singing Bone story by the Brothers Grimm, Germany
Hey loves! Any of you tend to skip the toning step in your skin care regime? I used to skip until I actually realized how important the step to be part of our skin care regime.  

Of course, the first thing to check out is definitely your skin type in order to get the right toner that suitable to your skin type. You won't want to use products that can ruin or worsen your skin condition. Thanks to The Butterfly Project Malaysia and Natta Cosme for the opportunity given to me to try out the Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Toner. To be frank, I have never tried nor heard of this brand before, hence the excitement to try it out.