Jay Park Private Showcase in Zouk, KL

Annyeong~ Guess what? Yours truly had a chance to meet Jay Park and watched him perform LIVE on the last 24th November 2013 at Zouk KL! Huge thanks to E! for bringing Jay Park all the way from Korea to Malaysia for a private showcase to celebrate E! News Asia special!

There are four opening acts before Jay Park appear to perform live for his fellow fans. Karmal, a talented rapper from Malaysia started off the crowd with his lyrical wordplay followed by up and coming young talent, Sammie from Singapore who belted out a few songs including songs by her idol, Jay Park followed by a young Malaysian talent Yvonne Lynn, before an energetic last performance by a rising pop duo Trick from Singapore setting the stage for superstar Jay Park to get the crowd pumping.

Who is Jay Park? Jay Park is a singer, dancer, rapper, model, actor, songwriter and music producer who has won multi-platinum records and is undoubtedly one of the biggest online sensations today. The 26 year old multi-talented Korean American artist has made his comeback after a nasty fallout from K-pop group 2pm

Be sure not to miss this E! News Asia Special on Jay Park premiering December 3 @ 9.30pm only on E! Entertainment (Astro Ch 712). He will take you on his journey to stardom with exclusive footage and interviews! 

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