I am not sure about you guys, but I myself love seeing how and what people pack in their bags and backpacks! I actually filmed a video of What's In My Bag video on my Youtube channel a year ago, perhaps I should film the updated one soon!

I got this Targus Seoul Backpack on my birthday this year and it's actually just the night before my birthday trip the next morning - I thought it's just perfect! 

I just got back from my birthday trip with my dearest BFFs - Noel and Gar Yee - and got to know about the NEW Digi Postpaid Plan! Sounds super amazing!

We all know how Digi constantly coming out with an amazing plan every few month and THIS is by far the most amazing one - Digi Postpaid (RM110/month)! I'm not sure about you, but here're some of my experiences that made me desperate for unlimited internet data quota for my mobile phone!