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I just got back from my birthday trip with my dearest BFFs - Noel and Gar Yee - and got to know about the NEW Digi Postpaid Plan! Sounds super amazing!

We all know how Digi constantly coming out with an amazing plan every few month and THIS is by far the most amazing one - Digi Postpaid (RM110/month)! I'm not sure about you, but here're some of my experiences that made me desperate for unlimited internet data quota for my mobile phone!


Streaming songs from Spotify's public playlist during the weekend while doing my house chores.

Back then, I had to off mobile data usage for my Spotify app due to limited internet data quota.
It was a nightmare especially when the playlist weren't synced via wifi and I couldn't play them offline after that. What's worst? I can't even browse for new songs!

Now, worry no more!
With 25GB all day and UNLIMITED 4G weekend, I can play all the other songs from every playlist even though they are not downloaded, every single day especially when I'm out during the weekend! I mean, I don't listen to the radio when I'm on the road, Spotify is my way to enjoy my ride! The best part is definitely that I am able to check out all the playlists and new songs right away!


Catching up with all the new episodes for my favourite K-dramas over the weekend.

Back then, I didn't bother to stream k-drama via my mobile due to limited internet quota.
It was a nightmare when I found out my phone weren't connected to the wifi internet connection and received a message warning saying I've used up 75% of my internet quote when I was halfway enjoying my k-drama. I ended up paying extra to top up my internet quota for the rest of the month usage.

Now, worry no more!
I usually catch up on all my favourite k-dramas over the weekend! Yes, it's always better to watch it on the bigger screen such as a laptop. I tend to avoid opening the laptop just so I can have a break from work stuff. I would lie down on the couch and enjoy watching my k-drama and watch all my favourite Youtubers' vlogs too!


When your wifi internet provider decided to do the maintenance during the weekend..
When your friends ask to share hotspot from your mobile..

Back then, I always very reluctant to share my hotspot with other people. I mean, let's be real, I have such limited internet data quota and you are not paying extra for using it.

Now, worry no more!
Lately, the wifi internet connection has been very sucky and I had no choice but to use my mobile phone as the hotspot. I also turn into a very generous person to share it with others too. I mean, it's UNLIMITED 4G during the weekend! There's no reason not to share hotspot with my friends!


Snap everything on-the-go!

Back then, I couldn't snap everything I wanted to on-the-go unless I have wifi internet connection. And that's why I mostly snap at home and less when I was out. Boohoo!

Now, snap all you wish! 
I can now snap everything right away - when I found a hipster cafe with delicious food; when I saw all the cute stuff at the mall; when I saw massive discounts from all the brands that everyone love; etc!


Weekend cafe hopping be like...

Back then, I was the most annoying person who would ask the waiter the moment I step into a cafe. It's super annoying, but hey, I have limited internet data quota and I need to snap everything I am going to have in your cafe!

Now, ask no more!
With the NEW Digi Postpaid plan, UNLIMITED 4G Weekend allows me to enjoy snapping photos and videos all I want without worrying of data quota usage!


Video call with the parents be like...

Back then, I would only do video call my mom when I am at home over the weekend.
Without stable wifi internet connection, you won't get to enjoy the entire video call session! I still remember I get scolded by mom because she couldn't see me due to weak internet connection.

Now, video calls all you want, anytime anywhere!
With UNLIMITED 4G weekend, I can do video call with my mom even though I was out and about during the weekend. And, she would enjoy I showing her the food I'm having or when I'm shopping for groceries. There's no more worry about weak internet connection as you'll to enjoy 4G connection!

Yup, I used to be someone who always desperate for additional internet data.
Well, not anymore.

The NEW Digi Postpaid plan promises customers more internet quota as well as the ability to rollover unused quota to enjoy in the following month. With RM110/month, you get to enjoy 25GB All Day with UNLIMITED 4G Weekend and UNLIMITED calls to ALL networks! Not only that, you'll get additional of 3GB internet data from the internet rollover of your unused internet data from the previous month.

For wanderlust or even business traveller out there, enjoy FREE roaming (5GB + 60 minutes call) in five countries - Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia and Brunei. Instead of getting a new local sim card each time you visit Bangkok, you can just continue to use your current sim card and enjoy 5GB internet data and 60 minutes call.

Log on to Digi website at to find out more details about the new Digi Postpaid plan!

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