Annyeong Haseyo! We know how strong is the Kpop wave now! Yours truly have been keeping in track with all those Kpop idols and their latest news and almost gone crazy when I was informed that the 27th Samsung Galaxy Golden Disk Awards 2013 will be held in Malaysia at Sepang International Circuit this coming 15th and 16th January 2013! The Golden Disk Awards will be the biggest K-POP event to be held in Malaysia, as more than 20 groups of world-famous K-POP artistes will be performing on stage for fans in Malaysia aside from the awards ceremony. You will not want to miss out this event for sure! Make sure you read till the end if you want to win a pair of GDA 2013 exclusive tickets! <3

I love surprises! You love surprises! We love surprises! The kind of surprises that always make us feel happy and pampered. Now, imagine this: You wake up in the early hours to head out every day, endure stressful situations trying to complete tasks and meet deadlines at your workplace or study place. Finally, you head home after a trying day in the rush hour crowd. At this moment, your doorbell rings and you are greeted with a beautifully wrapped box with accented classy pink notes. Within it, a specially curated range of beauty products and other surprises just for you. What better way to put a smile on your face?
Now, tell me who don't wish to get the treats?! Inspired by the concept of fukuburuko, the mystery grab bag style of presenting products from the fashion hub of Japan, VanityTrove presents a unique service right here in Malaysia! This new trend is set to grab the hearts of ladies who deserve pampering. With new brands mushrooming and new ranges launched so frequently by the existing brands, shopping for skincare and beauty products is slowly becoming a daunting task for us pretty ladies and beauty fanatics.
Home sweet home! Am back at hometown, KK since Christmas Eve's night and my days at here have been great with my family and friends. It always excites me whenever it's time to back to home. One thing for sure, I know I will be stuffed with lotsa mommy's home cooked foods and also other foods that only can be found at KK! =D Hope it's not too late to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! (Well, it's late better than never :p)

Alright enough with craps, I shall share more about my days at here on separate blogpost. For now, I would like to share with you guys about this amazing product - L'oreal Renewal Eyelash Serum - courtesy of OnlyBeauty! Oh wait, if you have not heard of OnlyBeauty yet, you better hop to because you will never know what are the surprises awaiting you at there! Just so you know that OnlyBeauty is Malaysia's Best Sampling Website that gives beauty product samples for FREE! It's FREE and no payment needed! 

Long distance relationship is a frustrating relationship. I know because I was in one with Eric during the beginning of our relationship. The insecurities and also commitment is a very huge task to bear while you're in this long distance relationship. I was so grateful and glad that how he always tried to reach me either through the calls, whatsapp, video calls, text messages, etc just to be there for me especially when the time I need him by my side. <3

It’s always assumed that relationships are blissful – but wait! It’s not all candies and kisses, sometimes there a lot of hardship to deal with and it can be really emotionally taunting and mentally demanding. What’s worse is, pairing the idea of a long distance relationship with the sad soppy case of losing communication.

Hello lovelies! The weekend is over but I bet most of you have applied leave for today's Christmas Eve and enjoy the long weekend holidays. Well, I am excited and can't wait for my flight to go back KK and enjoy a week long holidays with the family at hometown. Anyway, for those who do not have any plan to go where to celebrate the joyful Christmas, here's one of the places that you could go to!

Ante Kitchen & Bar
The first time I saw the logo just remind me of the "gentleman" logo and it quite unique in a way! So let me introduce and tell you about Ante Kitchen and Bar here.  What's with the name "Ante"? Little did I know was due to the group of six loved to play Poker as a past time back in their university days and of course they put their skills, effort, time, money and sheer "can-do" determination down for these too. 
Ahh it's Sunday and I just don't feel like going to work knowing tomorrow is Monday. Alright I guess it doesn't matter since am going to have a long Christmas holiday later on! :D Oh! I actually attended a hair showcase that consider as graduation ceremony for both Wayne and Heven at Papparazi, SS2 Mall. I bet most of you have heard of The Met before, just so you know that The Met established since 2006, is one of the first New York inspired hair salon that located in central of Kuala Lumpur. They have two teams to cater to color and cutting services and uses 100% Redken 5th Ave hair care and styling products.

Serena C
Mr Randall
The night started with the welcome speech by the host of the night, Serena C! It followed by the director of The Met, Mr Randall Wong. The hair showcase show was meant to show different hairstyle done by both Heven and Wayne from The Met hair salon. The theme of the night was black and mysterious! Now, am going to let the pictures do the talking!
WOHOO!! I bet everyone as happy as me to know that iPhone 5 is now available at Malaysia! Yours truly has attended the launching of iPhone 5 with Celcom! 

Spin & Win
Hello peeps! How's the weekend treating you so far? My day did not started off well with my favorite Blackberry phone died on me and I just could not fix it. :( Sad enough but I know I should not let it ruin my weekend gateaway plan to a private island, none other than one of the world's premier resort namely Pangkor Laut Resort!

Marina Island Pangkor
Reception Area

Yup, you got it right! iPhone 5 is coming soon, REAL SOON! 

Finally, the long awaited iPhone 5 is arriving on the best network, none other than Celcom! And guess what? You can get your hands on the world's most sought after smartphone and be the first to experience it with just a RM200 deposit with the best network and the best plans (check it out HERE!) With just RM200 deposit, not only can secure your iPhone 5 but also get invited to the launch to be one of the first in Malaysia to own the iPhone 5. Like everything else they do, this is certainly yet another Celcom advantage we can all enjoy. I know all of you just can't wait to see how the iPhone 5 plans are with Celcom. Just so you know that they have history of having the most competitive iPhone 5 price and package among all telcos!
Japanese food is my second most favorites food after the Chinese cuisine! Getting to know I can actually fix my Japanese food craving fix in yet another new Japanese restaurant just excites me much! I always turned to a happy girl when people date me out for Japanese food anytime. I did not realized there's Japanese restaurant named Edo Ichi inside the First Subang Mall till the day I went there to try on the foods!

Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant @ First Subang Mall, SS15
Sushi counter

I just turned 23 this year! Am one year older now and I'm so happy for it! Each and everyone of the lovelies flooding me with all the birthday wishes throughout facebook, twitter, instagram, text, whatsapp, LINE, chats, etc. THANK YOU SO MUCH & I feel so blessed having all of you guys! <3
23rd birthday