Porkylicious @ Ante Kitchen and Bar, Publika Solaris Dutamas

Hello lovelies! The weekend is over but I bet most of you have applied leave for today's Christmas Eve and enjoy the long weekend holidays. Well, I am excited and can't wait for my flight to go back KK and enjoy a week long holidays with the family at hometown. Anyway, for those who do not have any plan to go where to celebrate the joyful Christmas, here's one of the places that you could go to!

Ante Kitchen & Bar
The first time I saw the logo just remind me of the "gentleman" logo and it quite unique in a way! So let me introduce and tell you about Ante Kitchen and Bar here.  What's with the name "Ante"? Little did I know was due to the group of six loved to play Poker as a past time back in their university days and of course they put their skills, effort, time, money and sheer "can-do" determination down for these too. 
Ante Kitchen and Bar @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas
Ante Kitchen & Bar, located at Publika, Solaris Dutamas, is a fusion restaurant that specializes in pork dishes. They uses premium Sakura Pork ingredients and also serves up a modest variety of mocktails, cocktails, draught beer, a small selection of bottled beers and an exclusive list of boutique wines.

The interior
I simply love the cozy settings inside Ante Kitchen & Bar (AKB) which not just suitable for normal dinner for friends and family but also for the business people for some semi formal meeting maybe? 

As mentioned earlier, AKB do serves selection of alcohol beverages that allow you to enjoy happy hour with your peers at here. So, why not enjoy the foods and drinks instead of stuck yourself into the massive jam on the Friday night? ;)

Passion Fruit Mojito ( RM12 )
Rosie's Lychee Fizz ( RM12 )
There are wide selection of beverages served at AKB and both Eric and I grabbed Passion Fruit Mojito and Rosie's Lychee Fizz each for ourselves. You would definitely fall in love how great it tasted and how refreshing they could be. Well, drinks are not the main thing at here, let's check out the porkylicious dishes!

Chunky Mushroom Soup ( RM12 )
We have ordered some soups and salads for the starter on that night. The Chunky Mushroom Soup is certainly a must-order dish! It may looks simple but it served with really rich taste of variety blended mushrooms in it. The level of creaminess of the soup was moderate and just nice to my liking. I love it till the point that am not willing to share this anyone else! I still remember how everyone wish the croutons were the crispy "fried pork oil"! *LOL*

Chef's Tomasco Soup ( RM12 )
Some of them ordered the Chef's Tomasco Soup since it is one of the bestsellers in AKB too! It is a special tomato sauce with a hint of sourness and mild spiciness in it that going to tantalize your taste bud for sure. If you are not a fan of mushroom soup, you may go for this! 

Cod Crab Mash ( RM18 )
Eric ordered the Cod Crab Mash which served in little hot pot. The look isn't attractive much, scoop it and you could find the taste of combination of potatoes with cod and crab which pretty weird in taste to me. The texture was quite thick and rich in flavor, it is something that either you going to love it or not. 

Ante Caesar Salad ( RM18 )
Since I love the caesar salad, I have ordered a plate of Ante Caesar Salad to be shared with everyone. Mind you, the portion is really quite huge. The plate was full with fresh and crisp romaine lettuce, eggs, minced bacons, topped with parsley and croutons and garnished with Parmesan cheese and tossed with special house-made dressings. Oh-so-love!
Crispy Pork Trotter Salad ( RM21 )
The crowds' most favorite salad for the night was the Crispy Pork Trotter Salad! It is a bed of deep fried pork trotter slices served with roasted peanuts and mixed lollo lettuce tossed with Thai dressing. This is definitely something rather special compare to the caesar salad earlier. All of us totally enjoyed munching the crispy pork trotter and the greens of course! Healthy yet porky? OR Porky yet healthy? :p
Smoked Duck Salad ( RM23 )
While the some of the ladies ordered the Smoked Duck Salad for us too. As you can see, it was served in generous portion that comes with slices of smoked duck on mixed lollo lettuce, toasted with almond flakes, pecans and sun dried tomatoes, finished in zesty dressings. It is certainly something special that worth to try too. 
The Real Bacon Carbonara ( RM26 )
If you're a huge fan of carbonara pasta, The Real Bacon Carbonara is a must-order dish for you! This is a very very creamy pasta that cooked along side pork bacons, onions, mushrooms, crispy bacons and finished with cheese! Everyone loves this very much for the creaminess of it and also how wonderful it taste like. 

Seafood Marinara ( RM35 )
Perhaps, we should have tried this Seafood Marinara pasta before we go for the carbonara pasta. >.< It tasted good with a huge succulent river prawn, green mussels and squid rings in herbed tomato puree and topped with the arugula salads. Well, this is something love for "red" sauce pasta lovers!

Hogger Pork Ribs ( RM75 )
The Hogger Pork Ribs, a dish that meant to be shared with a group up to 6 pax and also one of the specialties at AKB. The wave surf-alike charcoal grilled hickory piglet ribs, glazed with house-made BBQ sauce served with coleslaw and potato that lies on a bed of fries is yet another must have pork dish at AKB! You're so going to in love with this for the flavors and how juiciness it is, fingers licking good!

Crispy Pork Knuckle ( RM78 )
Another meant to be shared dish served at AKB, huge portion of Crispy Pork Knuckle! Take a bite of it, you could taste the crispy yet tender pork knuckle and you better dip it with the special sauce that accompanied it to get the best of it! The magic definitely on the sauce! 

Chargrilled Pork Steak -Boston ( RM33 )
Yours truly ordered this Chargrilled Pork Steak for the main and no regret at all with it! If you do not know which to order for the main, this will never go wrong! This is their signature pork chop that served with berry cream sauce, mashed potatoes and also baked apple. I love the juicy and tender meat and unique yet perfect combination of berry cream sauce that brings a hint of sweetness in it. What a guilty pleasure it was!

Gratinated Pork Loin ( RM29 )
The man with big appetite, Samuel has ordered this Gratinated Pork Loin for us to try on. The grilled pork loin served with layered of sauteed potato, mushrooms, cheese and creams and topped with the arugula salad. To me, it was rather dry and less tender compare to my pork steak, not really suit my liking. 

Volcano Sacrifice ( RM30 )
The Volcano Sacrifice came next to our table, a plateful of grilled lean pork slices that served with Ante's special "volcanic" spicy sauce, flowing off a mountain of mashed potatoes. Everyone loves how special the sauce but not everyone likes the texture of the pork slices, perhaps due to a tad dry of it. You can always pour the sauce on it to have it greatly! You know this is great if you prefer pork dish and less fats? :P

Up The Ante Pork Burger ( RM35 )
Well, now you know you can also have burger at Ante! The buns for the Up The Ante Pork Burger is already something different, not the typical burger bun but the healthy whole grain bun. You could find a combination layer of fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions, sauteed mushrooms, runny egg and also Ante's special pork patty! Don't you just love thick and juicy patty for your burger? Oh hey, the whole burger accompanied with hash-browns, salads and special sauce too. 

Cheese Cake
Green Tea Cake
Hot Chocolate ( RM11 )
Cafe Latte ( RM9 )
After all of the pork dishes, we were served with desserts and some hot drinks too! Love the cheese cake and rich in taste hot chocolate served at AKB! =D

Wish to try the awesome porkylicious dishes at Ante Kitchen & Bar too? Here's something for "My Stories" readers! You could get a free cocktail or a glass of house red/white wine from AKB's menu with every RM100 purchase on your bill from Monday to Thursday ( excluding public holidays ). Also on Mondays to Thursdays, no corkage fees would be charged if you Bring-Your-Own.

If alcohol drinks are not your cup of tea but do not want to miss out on AKB's Monday to Thursday specials, just speak to AKB's front house managers. They would be more than happy to accommodate any special request of yours if it is within their capacity.

Well, all you need to do is just tell them you have read about AKB from where in order to be eligible to claim your free drinks! Please take note that the Monday to Thursday specials will only last until January 31st 2013.

Ante Kitchen and Bar
A2-G1-09, Solaris Dutamas, No.1 Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel No: +6 03 - 6206 3364