1st Of December - I iz 23!

I just turned 23 this year! Am one year older now and I'm so happy for it! Each and everyone of the lovelies flooding me with all the birthday wishes throughout facebook, twitter, instagram, text, whatsapp, LINE, chats, etc. THANK YOU SO MUCH & I feel so blessed having all of you guys! <3
23rd birthday

My birthday? Nothing much but filled with love. Le boyfie brought me for Japanese food for the birthday eve dinner which am going to blog about it soon, hopefully! Birthday falls on Saturday yet I have to go to the office even though it just for sort of leisure session with the colleagues. To my surprise, the colleagues threw birthday surprise to celebrate my special day in the office. It was lovely and appreciate for the gifts given by Senior Manager and also dear colleague. 

Oh! I bet some of you have listened to this composition done by Foong titled "1st of December"! Such a beautiful one! Sharing the same birthday with a dearly friend of mine has been really great! Happy birthday to Panda Foongpc too! 

My wish? Get fatter. See, I'm not those typical girl who actually complaining self being fat even though skinny. I'm skinny and I really wish to get FAT. And..oh! Christmas is coming and am planning to get myself for a hair makeover! How I wish if Rush.co.uk outlet at Malaysia so that I can book appointment online too! :( Now, let me start to think of what hairstyle I need to do next! :D