Edo Ichi Sushi @ First Subang Mall, SS15

Japanese food is my second most favorites food after the Chinese cuisine! Getting to know I can actually fix my Japanese food craving fix in yet another new Japanese restaurant just excites me much! I always turned to a happy girl when people date me out for Japanese food anytime. I did not realized there's Japanese restaurant named Edo Ichi inside the First Subang Mall till the day I went there to try on the foods!

Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant @ First Subang Mall, SS15
Sushi counter

Edo Ichi, interesting name that made me curious why it named that way. Little did I know that Edo, literally "bay-entrance" or "estuary", also romanized as Yedo or Yeddo, is the former name of the Japanese capital Tokyo. It was seat of power for the Tokugawa shogunate, which ruled Japan from 1603 to 1868. During this period it grew to become one of the largest cities in the world and home to an urban culture centred on the notion of a "floating world". From the establishment of the Tokugawa bakufu's headquarters at Edo, although Kyoto remained the formal capital of the country, the de factocapital was now Edo; it was the centre of political power. Edo grew from what had been small, little known fishing village in 1457 to a metropolis with an estimated population of 1,000,000 by 1721 (the largest city in the world at the time). That also explained how they wish they will be the Best Japanese dining Restaurant for every guest! 

The ambiance

I would always prefer to dine in a comfy place with cozy setting that allow you to enjoy every single bite of the foods. Edo Ichi certainly fulfilled that requirement! If you prefer to have more privacy, you can opt for the private dining section too. Now, let's see what are some of the delicious yummy Japanese foods they offered here!

Kimuchi no Hoseki Bako
The Kimuchi no Hoseki Bako, a bowl of mixed raw fish and seafood with Homemade Kimchi Sauce. To me, it's certainly a love-hate feeling toward this dish as I love sashimi (raw fish) but I dislike the taste of kimchi. I tend to eat it by wrapping the raw fish with the lettuce and eat it in Korean way. *LOL* If you love sashimi and kimchi, this combination definitely perfect for you!

Yaki Shake to Kari-Kari Kawa no Sarada
Being a salad lover myself, I just love the salad dish by Edo Ichi! The Yaki Shake to Kari-Kari Kawa no Sarada is my most favorite dish of the night! A huge bowl of mixed garden green topped with crispy salmon skin and salmon flakes with choices of dressing you can choose from Goma dressing, Wasabi dressing and Yuzu dressing. Oh-so-yummy! Totally love and enjoyed the crispiness comes from the salmon skin while having the salad. 

Sashimi Sarada
Another salad dish for the night was the Sashimi Sarada. A huge bowl of mixed garden green topped with assorted sashimi sliced! To enjoy the fresh sashimi sliced while having the fresh garden greens in it, simply love!

Una Cheese Roll
I always love sushi not just for their delicious taste but also for the size of it, you could enjoy the goodness taste just by one bite! The Una Cheese Roll, sushi roll with cheese, cucumber stick, Japanese egg omelette, vegetables and topped with sliced of Japanese BBQ eel and cheese. I'm so loving it and get second help of it! <3 The combination of the ingredients and sweetness of the eel with cheesy cheese just perfect!

Salmon Tataki Roll
Give me any dish with salmon, I would always love you! It is yet another something different sushi presented to us - Salmon Tataki Roll. It is the sushi roll with cheese, cucumber stick, Japanese ehh omelette, vegetables and topped with light torched sliced of salmon. You could taste the tasty salmon with a hint of cheesiness in just one bite! <3
Atsu-Atsu Mentaiki Una TamaYaki
Another dish that impressed me not just with the interesting name but also the taste was the Atsu-Atsu Mentaiki Una TamaYaki! If you wondering what is this, this is actually Japanese egg omelette rolled with eel and cod roe. You're gonna love this and this dish also prepared upon request. 
Edo Ichi Pizza
Frankly, I have never eaten any pizza in any Japanese restaurant before until my first visit at Edo Ichi. Pretty interesting huh? We were served with Edo Ichi Pizza on that night and this is definitely something really different compare to western pizzas that we all have had before. It was made of homemade rice cracker topped with freshly sliced salmon and Japanese BBQ Eel and dressed with some spicy sauce. Yup, with both different side of toppings, that's how special it is! 

Chicken Teriyaki
Chicken Teriyaki, another typical Japanese cuisine. However, what made it special was the overall texture of the dish! One bite of this chicken, you know it's totally different than the usual one! It was the house pan fried chicken with Teriyaki sauce. Yours truly totally love how crispy on the outside and tender in the inside of this dish! <3

Torimomo Ninniku MayoYaki
Another wonderful dish of the night was the Torimomo Ninniku MayoYaki dish. A plateful of grilled chicken topped with generous amount of garlic Mayo sauce. Tender meat matched with the fragrance garlic, oh-so-delicious!

Ishiyaki Garlic Fried Rice
If you love garlic rice, you could opt for the Ishiyaki Garlic Fried Rice instead of the normal one. This garlic fried rice served in sizzling stone bowl and topped with crispy garlic flakes. The stone bowl was really really hot and you have to make sure you stir the fried rice well unless you love to enjoy the burnt fried rice at the bottom there. :p

Eringi Butteryaki
Eringi Butteryaki, combination of grilled and pan sear of King Oyster mushroom with butter sauce were  really good! I have never thought butter sauce works well with this too! 

Yaki Sake Onigiri
Cut it into half!
Not a fan of fried garlic rice? Why not give a try on Yaki Sake Onigiri? It is the grilled salmon rice ball with seasoning! For a person who dislikes the taste of garlic, this is really perfect to me! Though it was a lil bit too salty to my liking, not sure if it is over seasoned. 

Dessert always a perfect ending of each meal and we were served with assorted ice creams - green tea ice cream, coconut ice cream and yuzu ice cream. I love the delicate taste of the yuzu flavored ice cream. 

Sake (Hot)

Sake (Cold)
Not the usual Japanese dining experience to me, we were served with both hot and cold version of sake. I have never thought I somehow love the unique taste of it! The cold version of sake would always be my favorite for the hint of sweetness within it. How about you?

**Pork Free**

EDO ICHI SUSHI @ First Subang Mall
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Ground Floor First Subang, Jalan SS15/4G,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +6 03 - 5612 3322
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