Hey everybody!

If you ever come to my place, you'll be surprised with my collection of mask sheets inside my fridge! Yes, I keep all of my mask sheets (and sleeping mask!)in the fridge because I always enjoy the cooling sensation whenever I apply those mask sheets onto my face. Here's the new addition to my mask sheets - Faith in Face Hydrogel mask sheets! 

Hey guys! 

I bet it has been a massive discussion topic about "WHERE TO GO NEXT YEAR?!" since early of the week till today (tomorrow is the last day!) when AirAsia launched its FREE SEATS promo from 22nd June - 28th June 2015! If you're AirAsia BIG members, you would've enjoyed the priority booking the night before on the 21st June 2015; of course, if you haven't signed up as AirAsia BIG members, why not do now and prepare for the NEXT BIG PROMO! 

Hey guys!

How does "Get Paid To Shop" sounds like to you?

I don't know about you, but it sounds a w e s o m e to me! Shop till drop has always been the term, but now, with ShopBack MY, it will never be the same anymore!

Hey loves!

Shall we talk about my favorite foundation today? I am currently so in love with the new Shu Uemura's skin:FIT foundation! I've been wearing it so often since the day I got it! Watch my vlog and you'll know WHY I am so in love with this foundation!

My favorite color in the entire universe is W H I T E

I am always obsessed with anything white, and for those who have seen my wardrobe, you would see lots of white outfit in there. White outfit can be too plain. But not when you know how to pair it with the correct accessories, with just a little bit of contrast, you can bring out the entire look nicely. 

Hey guys! 

Fancy any Yemenis cuisine? Because today am going to write about my indulgence of authentic Yemenis cuisine at Marhaba Restaurant in Publika! For those who been searching for an authentic and good Yemenis cuisine, look no other than Marhaba Restaurant! 

Boys and girls!

I realized I actually seldom talk about how I take care of my nails or how I do my manicure at home here in my blog! It's weird because I changed my nail color often and I do obsess with anything about nail! My girlfriends who been to my place were all quite surprised with my nail polish and nail stickers collection. I have both of them (nail polish & nail stickers) because I do sometimes need a quick fix without any waiting time. And hey, I thought I wanna share with you guys about this new product that has landed in all SaSa Malaysia outlets - Instant Nail Applique by Love Nail

Hey guys!

The holy month of Ramadan is just around the corner and I bet some of you have started to hunt and plan the perfect place for berbuaka puasa session with friends and family! Well, how about indulge an awesome Kampung Dining Experience at JW Marriott KL

Do you mind to say hello to my very first Sonny Angel? 

For those who don't know anything about Sonny Angel (I kinda doubt this!), it was first created with the intention of it being a companion to the Office Ladies (OL). Originally standing at 8", the Sonny Angel figurine was meant to be placed at home, accompany the OLs upon their return from work. Gradually, it has evolved to the current popular 2" collectible figurine that can be carried to anywhere, and enjoyed from wherever the collector may venture. 

Hey guys!

What's with the 6 Hankie Ideas

Well, it's the month of June and Innisfree has something special for all of you! In conjunction with World's Environment Day, innisfree is bringing its Eco-Handkerchief Campaign into Malaysia for the first time this month!

Calling all the designers out there! 
Here's something awesome for YOU!