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Fancy any Yemenis cuisine? Because today am going to write about my indulgence of authentic Yemenis cuisine at Marhaba Restaurant in Publika! For those who been searching for an authentic and good Yemenis cuisine, look no other than Marhaba Restaurant! 

Marhaba Restaurant


Marhaba Restaurant Publika, is spacious with cosy ambiance on its own. You can also choose either you want to dine outdoor or indoor, it's all up to your preferences. Though it is spacious, do not under-estimate its crowd. It can be really packed sometimes. 

For any private function or perhaps close family dining session, you can opt for the private dining area that separated from the main dining area. It has its own restroom too!

Right, shall we talk about the food now? Because they are so good that I know I will be going back for more! For the appetizer, we'll get to enjoy some of these, raw veggies with three different type of dipping sauce. 

Tabbouleh -RM16

Fatoush -RM16

I always love my salad with just a little bit olive oil and lemon juice. And, that really explains why I really enjoy the Tabbouleh salad here! It is a traditional Arabic salad made of choice vegetables and seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice. Another salad that was served to us that night - Fatoush. I bet almost everyone enjoy eating this plate of Levantine bread served with a fresh mixed green salad! You get to enjoy the crispiness with a hint of sweetness from the salad dressing, yum!

What is this huge bread thingy!?

Mulauwah -RM7 (medium) // RM12 (large)
Saltah Fahsah -RM40

We were all in shocked seeing this Mulauwah, huge fresh Yemeni bread was served and laying down on the table. It comes with super delicious Saltah Fahsah, the sizzling hot lamb cooked in a stone pot, with a thick,gravy-like texture and perfectly cooked shredded lamb meat within it. Trust me, eating the fluffy bread on its own was already good. However, to get the ultimate indulgence, dip it into this gravy, you'll find yourself eating it nonstop as it's pretty addictive! It can be pretty filling, hence it is still a better idea to share this with your pals or you won't get to explore the other delicious treats in Marhaba Restaurant!

Grilled Mackerel -RM65

Grilled Prawn -Market Price

I wasn't expecting seafood dish on that night and quite surprised with the serving of Grilled Mackerel and Grilled Prawn. Both dishes were grilled till perfection and served on top of a bed of Arabian rice. As you can see, the portion of their dishes were quite huge, it can be shared for at least 2 person. 

Lamb Haninth -RM78

Here come my favorite part! For those who don't know me, I rarely order lamb dish due to the gamey taste of it, but this Lamb Haninth surprised me much! Cooked in tandoor with Marhaba's secret recipe for more than 8 hours, it's super tender and it's hard not to love this dish! If you're a lamb lover, this is definitely one of the must-try dishes at Marhaba Restaurant!

Mandi Chicken -RM30

Here's another must-try dish - Mandi Chicken! Similar to the previous dish, this steamed chicken marinated in Marhaba's secret sauce. No one can resist the tenderness of the chicken for sure! And guys, if you ever order this for your meal, please dip it to the Hummus, mashed chickpeas with olive oil. I personally love the hint of roasted mashed chickpeas in it and it was such a perfect combo with the chicken!

Honey Date -RM22

For a sweet ending, you can give it a try to their signature dessert - Honey Date. The fluffy bread with dates topped with honey and fruits. 

Marhaba Restaurant (Publika)
D1-G4-1, Publika Solaris Dutamas,
No 1, Jalan Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hours: 11am-11pm (Mon-Sun)
Contact No: +6 03-6207 8222 /  9222

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