JW Marriott KL Ramadan Buffet 2015 - Kampung Dining Experience

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The holy month of Ramadan is just around the corner and I bet some of you have started to hunt and plan the perfect place for berbuaka puasa session with friends and family! Well, how about indulge an awesome Kampung Dining Experience at JW Marriott KL


4th floor

This year, JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur serves up to 138 mouthwatering Malay specialties for its buka puasa buffet. Guests get to choose whether to dine at the poolside or indoor at the 4th floor. They also opens few different sections for this Ramadan buffet which includes Ulam-ulaman, Sambal-sambal Melayu, Pembuka Selera Melayu, Keropok, Pembuka Selera Antarabangsa, Gerai Rojak Buah, Gerai Satay, Gerai Ikan Bakar, Gerai Roti John & Roti Canai, Gerai Nasi Ayam, Gerai Nasi Kandar, Gerai Tandoori, Gerai Mee, Gerai BBQ, Gerai Bubur, Gerai Ais Kacang, Gerai Sup, Gerai Makanan Tradisi dan Selera Kampung, Selera Utama, Gerai Ais Krim, Gerai Buah-buahan and Gerai Pencuci Mulut.  

Instead of begin your meal with the usual salad dish, why not give a try to this awesome spread of local salad and appetisers? I really love how fresh and tantalizing they are, especially the spicy and sour mango and prawn salad! Never ever forget the sambal to go along with your hot steamed rice!

Ulam-ulaman (Assorted Local Salads)
Ulam Raja, Ulam Pegaga, Daun Selon, Timun, Jering, Terung Pipit Rebus, Kacang Botol, Petai

Sambal-sambal Melayu (Malay Salsa)
Sambal Belacan (Shrimp Paste Salsa), Sambal Tempoyak (Fermented Durian Salsa), Sambal Mangga (Mango Salsa), Sambal Nenas (Pineapple Salsa), Sambal Cencaluk (Fermented Baby Shrimp), Budu (Spicy Shrimp Salsa)

Pembuka Selera Melayu (Local Appetizers)
Aneka Jeruk Buah-buahan (Fruits pickles), Kerabu Kacang Botol (Winged Bean Salad), Kerabu Daging (Beef Salad), Kerabu Mangga & Udang (Mango & Prawn Salad), Acar Buah (Vegetable & Fruits Pickles), Acar Jelatah (Pineapple & Cucumber Salad), Kerabu Taugeh (Beansprouts Salad), Ikan Pekasam Berlada, Telur Masin (Salted Egg), Ikan Masin (Assorted Salted Fish) Sepat, Gelama & Talang

The BBQ station features this huge whole Roasted Lamb that really caught my attention during the media preview session! It was perfectly done and tastes really delicious, you can choose to go with either the onion and mint sauce or black pepper sauce. Either way, it's yummy!

If you don't fancy the roasted lamb, you can then always head over to the Tandoori Station to enjoy chicken tandoori accompany with naan bread and eat along with the mint sauce, lime and onion!

One of my favorite stalls - Satay station! Here's where you can enjoy unlimited chicken and beef satay with peanut sauce, compressed rice, cucumber and onion. On the other side, you can also enjoy assorted grilled fish (stingray, catfish and kembung fish) at the Grill Fish Station.

Moving to the next one, you can see both Chicken Rice station and Indian Rice station. Both has its own specialties that going to satisfy your cravings for both different cuisine.

Gerai Nasi Ayam (Chicken Rice Station)
Ayam Panggang (Roasted Chicken), Ayam Kukus (Steamed Chicken), Nasi Ayam (Chicken Rice), Sup Ayam (Chicken Soup)

Gerai Nasi Kandar (Indian Rice Station)
Nasi Briyani (Briyani Rice), Ayam Goreng Berempah (Spicy Fried Chicken), Kambing Kurma (Lamb in Kurma Sauce), Kari Ikan dengan Bendi (Fish Curry with Okra), Sayur Kobis Goreng (Fried Round Cabbage), Sayur Kacang Panjang dengan Telur (Fried Long Bean with Egg) and Papadom

Here's where you can enjoy some of the local authentic cuisines featuring rendang ayam, rendang daging, daging masak kunyit, ikan masin talang lemak dengan nenas, ikan pari masam pedas, paru goreng berlada, ayam masak cili padi, sotong goreng kunyit kacang panjang and nasi putih

Under the main items section, you will get to enjoy the ayam masak kicap, ayam masak merah, ayam percik kelantan, kari kambing dengan kentang, wok fried chicken with dried chili Chinese style, daging masak halia ala cina, sweet and sour fish fillet, kurma ayam dengan kentang, labu masak lemak pucuk manis and sayur campur.

Gerai Mee (Noodle Station)
Laksa, Mee Kari and Char Kuew Teow

Gerai Bubur (Sweet Porridge Station)
Bubur Pulut Hitam, Bubur Kacang Hijau, Pengat Pisang, Serawa Durian, Pulut Putih

Istimewa di Bulan Ramadan (Special in Ramadan month)
Bubur Lambuk

As for the dessert section, you will get to enjoy tons of them! They have assorted ice cream, fruits station as well as assorted Malay dessert to give you a sweet ending to your meal. 

For reservations, kindly call +603-2719 8666 or email festivebuffetpromotion@ytlhotels.com.my.

Poolside - RM95.00 nett per adult | RM48.00 nett per child.
4th Floor - RM85.00 nett per adult and MYR 43.00 nett per child. 

JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur 
183 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

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