Faith In Face Hydrogel Mask Review + Giveaway!

Hey everybody!

If you ever come to my place, you'll be surprised with my collection of mask sheets inside my fridge! Yes, I keep all of my mask sheets (and sleeping mask!)in the fridge because I always enjoy the cooling sensation whenever I apply those mask sheets onto my face. Here's the new addition to my mask sheets - Faith in Face Hydrogel mask sheets! 

Let's talk about the product first! 

Just so you know that Faith in Face hydrogel mask sheet comes in 5 different variants, which are:-

  1. After Shower Look - Soothing & Moisturizing
  2. Black & White Film Star - Whitening
  3. Nourish Me - Nourishing
  4. Invisible Pore - Pore Refining
  5. Hold Me Tight - Lifting and Firming
I bet it's really hard to ignore how retro and vintage-y the packaging is! Frankly, I actually thought Soap and Glory launched a new product. But heck, it's Faith in Face, originated from the land of beauty experts, Korea! They are slightly heavy compared to other paper mask sheets though, due to its gel-like texture mask sheet. 

Similarly to other types of mask sheets application, all you need to do is to ensure you cleanse your face thoroughly before applying the hydrogel mask sheet onto your dry, clean face. Unlike the usual mask sheets, Faith in Face hydrogel mask sheets comes in two sheets (upper and lower part of the face) that allow better fitting on our face. Each mask sheet has protective film from both side of the mask which I personally think it is another plus point because that way essence is well kept in the mask sheet. Though, I do find it slightly tricky to take it off from the protective film due to its gel-like texture and stickiness. 

Do not worry about which side of the mask sheet to be applied to your face because both sides of the mask are equally effective. If the patterned side causes any discomfort, simply switch to the smooth side. I really love the fact that it fits my face shape better as well as how it "hugged" my skin tightly whenever I use them! This way also allow the essence to penetrates the skin better too! 

After 30 minutes, you can remove the mask sheet from your face and gently massage your face to help the remaining essence to absorb into your skin. Don't you just love a slight radiant and glowing-from-within effect after each hydrogel mask sheet application?! I also love how smooth and supple my skin feels after each application. You can also apply this before you apply your make-up, you would be surprised how amazing your makeup look like after pampered your skin! Smooth and no dry patchiness, and simply flawless! 

I've tried ALL of them and love all of them, especially Invisible Pore and Hold Me Tight! Some might think it's a tad pricey, but come to think of it, these are hydrogel mask that comes with great benefit, you can definitely see the good result with regular use. If you ask me, they are pretty reasonable and worth every penny! *Priced at RM11.90 inclusive of gst at Watsons!

Here's something for My Stories readers! I'm giving away 3 sets of Faith in Face hydrogel mask sheets (After Shower Look, Nourish Me, Invisible Pore, Hold Me Tight and Black & White Film Star) to 3 lucky readers! 

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  1. Masks are my fav beauty products! What more a hydrogel mask in pretty packaging! (Double win!) hope to win & get to try these awesome products personally! ☺️

  2. I am a total sucker when it comes to pretty packaging! I was completely sold the second I saw Faith in Face hydrogel mask sheets in stores but didn't test it myself as I have a very sensitive skin. But since there is a giveaway now, I hope to win them so I can test these beautiful goodies hehe.

  3. You mean not one, not two, but a set of hydrogel mask? Oh my~~ I want them to be in my fridge too~~
    *fingercross* hopefully I'm one of the lucky ones.
    Ps: after reading the review, I can't wait to witness the miracle happen on my face~ >w<

  4. I want to have a smooth skin and I love mask.

  5. I am always looking to find new beauty products that work for me!

  6. I would like to try the Faith in Face Hydrogel Mask because I have seen some Youtubers rave about how good it is! Especially want to try the "Nourish Me" and "Invisible Pore" because my skin tends to become dry so I need a lot of moiturizing elements and I want my pores to become smaller. :D

  7. thank you for introducing to this awesome mask caro! :)

  8. I also like to put mask into fridge:)
    Hope I am the lucky one *crossfinger*

  9. I want!! I want!!! I also have many mask in..... my room (not in the fridge la. HHAAHA).
    My face is so sensitive and always apply mask so it keeps is hydrated and have a glowing skin! :D So far, I yet to found any mask that really suitable me, thus would like to give it a try for this mask too. :)