Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre

Most of you by now must have already known how much I love and enjoyed eating Japanese foods and here's another Japanese restaurant that I've recently visited - Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant. Just so you know that, the Watami Group established in 1984, started off in the dining-out restaurant business with the key concept of providing a place for all occasions and a comfortable space. 

Watami comes from the name of the founder - Watanabe Miki. At the same time, in Japanese kanji, Wa (和) means "harmony", Tami (民) means "people", therefore "Watami" means "gather people to dine in harmony" as well. 

Watami is the original creator of the "Ishokuya" dining concept in Japan, one that features the delights of modern Japanese cuisine, which include Watami's original dishes and signature beverages. It has a friendly and cozy ambiance, with its natural and warm setting through the choice of the materials used for the interior. The theme of wood and earthy colors combines with the traditional decor to provide a contemporary and chic holistic dining experience. 

Orange Yakult
Mango Mojito (non-alcoholic)
Trust me, you would be as surprised as me to see the menu. I've never expected the pricing can be that affordable with such environment. Besides that, it has more than 100 items includes both authentic and modern Japanese cuisines in the menu. You'll be spoilt with choices! Both Eric and I had a hard time to just to order the drinks and to see all the unique beverages that they offers, we can't help ourselves but try them. 

Fire Oyster Roll Sushi (Chili Oyster Roll) - RM18.90
Fire Oyster Roll Sushi (Chili Oyster Roll) - RM18.90
For the starter, we had this Fire Oyster Roll Sushi. It was quite huge in portion and filling too! It has a lil crunchiness that I kinda enjoyed having this sushi. 

I am not a fan of soba but the Ten Zaru Soba here is certainly an exception to me! It tasted really delicious and the chilled dressing made it taste nicer. The noodles also at its right springy-ness. Most of us can't help but get the second serving of this. Ten Zaru Soba was served together with tempura. 

Gomoku Kamameshi - RM26.90
Look at this! You must be wondering what's inside this pot! :D

Chopped spring onions & fish roes
Gomoku Kamameshi - RM26.90
This is the Gomoku Kamameshi known as chicken and seafood pot rice. All you need to do is let it cook on its own till it started to smoke out. Once it is fully cooked, just pour the chopped spring onions and fish roes, stir it and eat it while it's hot. 

The whole pot of rice with generous amount of seafood and chicken slices, it can be shared up to 5 pax. Of course, you are going to enjoy the fluffy rice together with the other ingredients in it.

Kankoku Butechige - RM29.90
You can find this Kankoku Butechige under the Hot Pot category in the menu. It is the Korean-style Army Hot Pot with generous amount of ingredients such as tofu, kimchi, rice cakes, noodles, mushrooms, potatoes, spring onions, pork meat slices, carrots, cabbages, etc. 

The taste totally suit it name well, with the hint of sourness from the kimchi and it's really nice to enjoy it with a bunch of people sitting together. We loved it. 

Nagasaki Chanpon-fu Ramen
If you're a fan of ramen, you may give a try on their Nagasaki Chanpon-fu Ramen which is originally from Fujian, China, this dish was adopted and made local by residents of Nagasaki in Kyushu. This ramen is unique as the noodles and vegetables are stir-fried to bring out the flavor before it is served in steaming hot pork broth. It was quite flavorful and wasn't too salty too.

Watami Salad - RM21.90
We also get to try the signature Watami Salad! The bowl of various types of greens mixed with chicken, shrimp and tuna mayo, simply lovely! 

Watami Sake - RM41.90
And oh! Do you know you can enjoy a bottle of Watami Sake at such affordable price in Watami? I kid you not. You would not want to miss this bottle of sake whilst enjoying your foods in Watami.

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant
1st Floor, Rainforest, 1 Utama Shopping Centre
1 Lebuh Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: +603 - 7727 1399