Major Transformation. #Number76

People who know me well enough, they know how much I love my hair, especially do something with it (whether a braid, or just simple hairdo, on my own). I guess that's what a long hair for, you'll get to doll up! Though, at some point when my hair getting longer and loses its initial shape from the previous haircut, it tend to look dull and lifeless, and that's where I start longing for another fresh start. Hence, the transformation

Say hello to Terry aka "The Grooming God" from Number76

ps. I didn't name him this because I am biased, but it was him told me so! And I gotta agree with him! He knows what's best for his clients!

I know it's not easy to go from long hair to short hair, but you can always do it gradually until you are comfortable with it. Of course, get a trusted and skilled stylist is important too. I know I can trust Terry, expert stylist from Number76 (Midvalley branch) especially after consulted with him. Not many people can rock the short hair and some people are better off with long hair. As for me, my face shape is suitable for short hair, but not too short. That's why we settled with shoulder length instead of shorter than that. 

When I think back, it was actually quite a risk. This major hair makeover was done few hours before my flight to Korea that midnight. It was crazy but it went well and it was a great one! As everyone speaks the Korean language as though am a Korean at there! This entire hair makeover includes a haircut, hair color and also the ultrasonic treatment

Instead of choosing what color I want, I let Terry examine and decide what type of color suits me most. Due to I have to leave at 9.30pm to the airport, he wasn't able to do anything fancy for my hair. He then settled with copper-ish brown color which suitable to my skin tone. Do always consult your hairstylist whether you can rock the warm or cool color that suitable to your skin tone, unless you are neutral and can rock both warm and cool color.

It's also important to do hair treatment after any chemical treatment to ensure your hair stay in good condition. I've talked more about the ultrasonic treatment by Number76 at HERE too!

It took 3 hours for Terry and the team to get this masterpiece done and I am really satisfied with it! And guess what? I can still curl or straighten my short hair easily! With shorter hair, my time to get ready turn shorter too! 

Thank you Terry!

p.s: What do you think of my new hair? ;)


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  1. Ahh this looks gorgeous! It is such an odd sensation when you lose a few inches off your hair when you've been so used to it being long. Really adore the cut and shape - it's beautiful! x

    Lucy Amelia | flawedfairytale

    1. Hi Lucy! Thanks for dropping by! x
      And yes, it can be really odd, but I always enjoy a fresh look for myself! :D
      Thanks for the nice compliment too! xxx

  2. Your hair looks lovely, and it really suits you! I'd love to try short hair, but it's quite a scary change! xx

    Bethan Likes

  3. Amazing transformation ! :)
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