Random things happened in daily life..

Yesterday morning, my boss was quite worry and we thought there's crisis in business.
All of us in the office too getting worry and start whispering at each other asking if someone know what's happening. 
No one dare to make a single sound till boss finally voice out...
" Do you guys know we actually need to apply license for all the dogs? If not, they will catch all the dogs and don't know what they going to do to all the dogs. "
All of us looking at each other and say WTH?!

FYI, my boss is really a dog lover and there are more than 10 dogs in the company.
Those puppies in the cage while the papa n momma can wandering around outside there. lol!
The boss will bring breakfast for them every morning and bought dog's food for them too.
Every few months will ask the worker to bring all of the puppies and dogs go for medical check-up.
Can you imagine how much the budget only for those dogs?!

Boss then asked one of the staffs to go apply license for those dogs.
Too bad, they only allow each company to have two dogs only.
Boss was so mad and suddenly yell " Then the rest of my dogs will be how??! "
We all dare not to say anything. *scary*

DSC00283.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

The green color card is the Pet Health record.

DSC00284.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

The so-called "license".
So, there's only two of it and must hang it on the dog's neck. :)


Anyone of you feel comfortable to use unisex toilet?
Because I AM NOT!

Few incidents happened to me.
Today's worst one!
When the time I go inside, there was nobody and when I come out, those guys workers acting like ghost and switched off the light, it scared me a lot!
 I screamed loudly and seriously almost faint!
Can die one you know?!


I received a book from Booksneeze.
My sister the one who suggested me to choose this book. :)

DSC00291.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

The book - Classis Wisdom for the Professional Life.

DSC00292.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

I opened it and this is how the inside looks like. :)

I will post up my review and share it with you guys right after I finish read it kay. :)


Sister tied my hair like this one and don't allow me to take it off till the next morning. =.=
Now, am wondering what will my hair looks like the next morning. 

DSC00281.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Can see black hair growing already, and I can't wait till the 6th month so that I can finally do something with my hair again! =D


  1. the hair tie up until like this, looks very nice ar.
    the colour also looks good, a bit dark in gold.

    anyway, didn't know that now dog license have "Jantan" and "Betina" already

  2. LOL! like that u say very nice?? ur eyes got problem ah? haha :p

    haha yea i also just know about it one. =)

  3. why dogs need a license? is not fair. others pet must have too!!

  4. unisex toilet? no way. in case of emergency to unload some big business. it will be a disaster if a lady happen to be using it.

  5. what they going to do after they catch the dogs? i guess they will torture it. that's what they do. i hate them

  6. they will just kill the dogs, if no 1 want to adopt them in SPCA

  7. coz dogs bite ppl.
    if the dog bite ppl, the owner need to tanggung 1 mah

  8. lol, i just say wat i think only.
    it is indeed looks very nice,

    at least it is not tie up until like this
    if tie until like this, then i will think that she is a scout

  9. Oh! So your boss is a dog lover! Good to know that! Wah! So many dogs? But only allowed to keep 2? Poor dogs!

  10. Unisex toilet? I have no problem with them haha!

    But why did the workers switched off the lights? luckily u didn't pengsan! LOL! So the toilet not haunted? ; )

  11. So how did your hair look like the next morning? No photo of it?

  12. The book contains mainly quotes? Share with us some of the quotes!

  13. Nice...the hair like that! Pigtail...nice to pull! Hahahahahaha!!!! Aioyr...how come dunno dogs need license...and yet have so many dogs. If not, the restaurant people can just go round and help themselves... Hahahaha!!!!

  14. So your black hair is growing again!

  15. wei...thought u r wroking in a accounting firm....how come related to dogs one?

  16. Wah why your company guys so bad one.. switch off lights in toilet. :(
    And your hair looks nice with the braids! The next day sure got natural curls dy :P

  17. u cari gaduh is it?! whr got human's hair kena tie like dat?! hmph

  18. i oso dunnno why dogs need license one. hahaha!

    heard from my colleagues dey goin to hang it till die ler. scary!

    i got no choice cz office toilet is like dat. :S

  19. yup! all quotes. :) will share de la. hehe.

    lol! nice curls this morning! =D

  20. guess what today got another 6 more puppies. lol! DBKK only allowed 2 dogs, oso dunno y. lol

    i know u WILL NOT have any problem one ! hmph

    dey just wan to play la, sot sot one! I know sure u wish i pengsan right?! hmph! Haunted toilet only suit u but not me! =p

  21. yerrrr!! pigtail summore!!! hmph!!! xD

    Lol! my house oso got 5 dogs leh, my dad too a dog lover. =D

  22. i havent receive anything in booksneeze yet... :(

  23. yea lor! always like dat one. sigh.

    hehe yea this morning i untie it, nice curls! =p

  24. lol! my work related to accounting but not in accounting firm la, n nothing to do with dogs too! lol!! all the dogs are belongs to my boss. :D

  25. Wah, 10 dogs, lots of money to maintain leh!

  26. er....i thought it's common to know dogs have to apply for license?

  27. Your scorpion hair do is very the NICE! Anybody offend u, get that scorpion to sting them! Zap! Mampoi...

    So many dogs? U tak pengsan? I tot u scared of dogs.. what happen if one day u in that unisex toilet and the lights go off and u hear dogs barking? Will you sing out loud, "Who lets the dogs out? Woof Woof Woof Woof... " :P

  28. Suggest your boss to have cats then, most likely cats do not need license?

  29. cats can't bark and bite thieves

  30. got 1,
    only we never see b4 only

  31. Happy World Cup Day to u...hehehe

  32. LOL! i dunno. boss dunno. or maybe shud say we DONT BOTHER bout it at all. LOL

  33. HAHAHA!!! i guess so. lol dunno he like cat or not. :p

  34. walao weh! scorpion hair summore! hmph! sting u 1st! mwahahaha!! =P

    They all in cage ma! dats y dnt scare lor. hahaha!! i think i will pengsan terus dat time! NO TIME TO SING! u siao! xD

  35. need to care 1,
    coz there is some staff inside ur office need to apply license 1