Lunch at Hana Japanese Restaurant

Peeps, I always saw panda Foongpc tweet about what to eat brekkie, lunch and dinner, and actually my colleagues and I too always having problem in deciding what to eat for lunch! hahaha!

Colleagues and I always have to do a bit "brainstorming" to decide where to eat and what to eat??
Yesterday, I thought of going to the newly open Papparich at City Mall and actually quite near to our office area, only take 5-10minutes to get there.
I just give suggestion, Ms Chang and Ms Stephanie agreed. However, I was not really in the mood of eating those kind of foods when I browse to internet about their menu.
Then, I was thinking we can always go for other restaurant since City Mall also one of the food heaven in Sabah. :) There's so many food outlets at there.

The time we get there, we saw the Papparich was toooooooo packed!
Seriously, no more empty tables and the level 1 section closed for events.
Guess we can get a table if there's no event on level 1. :/
Ms Chang and Ms Stephanie decided to wait and hoping for there will be diners leaving, but when we look at outside, there's sooooo many people queuing from outside there. *omg*

While we're waiting, we met one of the client of our company and they asked us to join them for lunch.
He come to us and "drag" us to follow them. *LOL*
To be honest. Am feeling quite uncomfy about it.

So, we get into the Hana Japanese Restaurant and its only opposite with the Papparich.
I love Japanese foods, well who don't? :p

Oh by the way, the Old Town at there was quite empty since the Papparich opened.

So, just looked at my orders.
Okay, I don't really dare to do cam-whoring that time as we were with "them".
So, I only snapped what I've ordered. :p


There's a funny moment whereby Mr Samuel actually tricked Ms Stephanie to eat this wasabi.
He told her that it was ice cream and asked her to eat it.
Stephanie just simply eat it and omg! You know what happened next...
So bad!

Ms Chang and I took some from the sushi train. :p
We enjoying ourselves while Stephanie busy "entertaining" Samuel and the geng. xD





We finished up those sushis while waiting or our orders. :)


Fresh Orange Juice for me. :)


Fresh Tomato Ume Juice for Ms Chang


Fresh Lime Juice for Alicia


Fresh Carrot Juice for Ms Stephanie

While everybody busy chit-chatting and we found out the Papparich is actually owned by our BOSS!
See! Clients know about it and we as his staffs doesn't know about it?!
Well what I know my boss do have other business and I only know that he's owning a budget hotel.

Okay, we're actually running out of time and luckily foods arrived quite fast!
One hour time for lunch just not enough for us! xD



Guess which one is mine? ;p


Ordered this one for three of us!


Mine. :)

After finished it, we did a little bit cam-choring.


Ms Chang and I.
Just in case you guys curious why I am so close with her, reason is because she is the accountant and am the assistant! =D

Damn! Hate period time! Can see the pimple there! *grrrr*

32283_399072096546_587561546_431160.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Samuel surprised us when he take out his cam and snapped us!


Ms Stephanie


Im trying to snap "them"


Done Tan and Samuel
From their t-shirt can see they are from Jotun Company. :)
Didn't know that he's actually snapping me!


Good~ He snapped us again.
He tagged us in fb too!


Alicia did not know what we're chit-chat about so she just enjoy eating there. Lol!
She's one of Samuel's assistant. :)

Great lunch time with them actually.
Soon, going to have lunch with them and at different restaurant for sure!
Looking forward to that.

The bill come out and Samuel paid for it. =)
Ms Chang and I actually " err.. both us ate a lot, right? "

[P/S: Dudes in my family sleep so early to "recharge" themselves for World Cup match. :S]


  1. Day out with your colleagues? the Japanese food looks yummy!

  2. :( wait, i go find some 'colleagues' to go makan with me.... anybody? going once... going twice.. sold.. to NO ONE! :(

  3. cheh! u need colleagues one meh? tot got Ethan and William can dy ? :p

    walao! lelong at my blog? mwahaha! xD

  4. lol! not really a day out, just lunch time. hehehe.. :) yesh it is, :p

  5. hahaha, when you said you dare not camwhore at first, and scrolling down the 1st few photos, i thot really won't see your photo this time.. but at last still got a few lor.. hahahahaha!! :D

  6. hey, i think Papparich is a lot nicer than Old Town leh.. haha, now they are competing among themselves huh.. pity Old Town, all customer run off to try Papparich already :p

  7. but come to think about it, i think it's now oversaturated with all these kopitiam already.. you look around, we have Old Town, Papparich, Station 1.. and then what George Town lah, 1 Cafe lah, Mamarich lah etc.. what a nuisance~~

  8. and i think that in those "high class kopitiam", things are really overpriced.. seldom want to eat in such places, i still prefer the hawker center, selling same thing at cheaper prices..

  9. so back to your japanese food, hahaha!! i love japanese food, and those sushi and baby octopus looks very nice woh.. :)

  10. What I eat is quit routine. As long as I can have my meal with my wife, I am more than happy. :)

  11. これらの食品はおいしそうだ。

  12. Not a fan of Japanese food. Expensive, spend so much still not full...and everything tastes more or less the same - kind of bland too. I'd rather eat something else...

  13. hehehe! am surprised when he take out his cam la! haha. paiseh one if go snap ppl picture.xD if only ms chang n ms stephanie then no problem one cz dey oso love cam whore. mwahaha!

    yea Papparich is lot nicer than Old Town. very cham i saw like so empty at old town. haha. yea actually can get much nicer same food in hawker center,. :)

    i ate two plates of the baby octopus!!! hahahaha

  14. eating with loved always the greatest one. :)

  15. Aiyo... am not always eat this one de la. twice in a month like dat only ma. :) I love sushissssss.. :p no i mean Japanese foods!! Sashimi and unagi! heaven! hahaha

  16. wah...sedap tu...
    no chance lagi nak rasa japanese food ma...
    macam mana rasa pun tah r...
    after this boleh la booking awal2..
    dah tau boss punya tempat tu...

  17. So lucky, can eat Japanese food for free!! :P After I ate the Japanese buffet recently, scared of Jap food already. No Jap food for me for one month! LOL!

  18. LOL! yea for free! =p urs one so damn lot ! haha nemind just for a month only ma. XD

  19. wao wao wao.... i feel so happy when i see ur sushis.. ^.^ and the tomato juice kinda attract me O.O Hana Japanese restaurant... hmmm

  20. I love tempura and squid.....nice Japanese food.