Last Day - Of Ikea & The Curve

We then headed to IKEA after the dim sum brekkie at JinXuan.
Initially, Eric and I planned to just stay at home since my flight on that evening.
But, dear Eric just being so sweet and allowed me to meet Merryn before my flight and thus just wanted to spend sometime while waiting for Merryn's call.
Eric knew how much I wanted to spend more time with Merryn. *Auww*Smiley

Merryn told me must try the hotdog and curry puff at IKEA, and actually I wanted to try the meatball too.
We arrived the parking area and couldn't believe we've been there for like more than 40minutes.
Grey and Erika too couldn't get parking and then Grey suggested us to go to Empire.
Just the moment we wanted to turn and out, Erika called and telling us they found a parking.
So, Eric and I tried to get a parking but after like not sure for how long more and we pissed off.Smiley
I made a call to Grey to help me buy the hotdog and currypuff and we left to Curve.
Grey getting hotdog for me!

The Hotdog

It's yum! I love it! Smiley

Curry puff

To be honest, quite pissed off thinking back but okay since Quachee going to meet us at The Curve, just nice.
I remember that time when I need the toilet very badly and couldn't get the parking, can see how stress Eric can be!

We arrived the Curve and walked around and saw a piano at the center of the mall.
That's remind me of Foong!
We knew that Foong can play piano very well.

Erika called us to meet at Theobroma Chocolate Lounge.
Erika and Quachee had this!


Mine Little Jane!

We're still full as we ate lots dim sum earlier on.
So, just got ourselves this Chocolate Affair!

Chocolate fondue with four seasonal fruits

Oh! It just like heaven!

Just a short chit-chat session with Erika , Quachee and Grey.

It was the last meeting with the gangs.
Am so gonna miss all of them much. 

The last group picture of us!

Eric and I left earlier as we thought of have to go to visit Merryn after that.
We rushed to home and done with my packing and shit thing happens!
I forgot to check in earlier on!Smiley
So means I have to go airport earlier. Seriously, felt so damn sad at that time and cried inside car when we heading to the airport.

Dear Eric bought me my favorite Peppermint ice cream from Baskin Robbin.Smiley 
It's really hard to say goodbye.Smiley

We arrived airport and checked in.
We had some good times before the boarding time.
I texted all of them especially Merryn, Adrian, Quachee, Grey, Erika, Witch, Saucer, and Kelvin for the great and fun companies!
To Merryn and Witch, next time lets spend more time together!
Am teared when I read Merryn's reply on that time and you know her siao-ness just cheered me back after that!

The person that the most hard to leave of course Eric.
I don't even want to look behind when I entering the boarding waiting area.
I felt very sad yet I know am going to meet him soon!

Yes, we just met last night!Smiley



  1. I love IKEA currypuff n hot dog too.. next time try the ice cream hehe. It must be very sad to say gdbye but glad u get to meet up wif all ur good frenz in kl :)

  2. @Allison Is it?? ok next time will try it! :D yeaaa! happy to see them! next time ur turn! :D

  3. So sorry to hear of your terrible experience at Ikea! It's usually very hard to find parking during the weekends unless you're early...

  4. But at least you managed to get the hot dog and curry puff! Eh, since you weren't at Ikea how did you take the picture of Grey buying you hot dog! LOL!

  5. Yea I'm looking forward to spend more time with you when you are coming NEXT time.. I hope it is SOON :P

  6. Yay, finally! Me third! :P

    Aww..reading your post makes me feel sad's too bad that you can;t stay for long but don't worry, darling. There's always next time. ;)

    Looking forward to our next gathering. *Huggies* As always, love your post! :D

  7. @iamthewitch urgh yea. am pissed off! lol! now ok dy. :D haha! thats from Erika ma! ;p

    mwahaha!! okie!

  8. Awesome outing 7 meeting ur frens

  9. @ErikaToh yish! dnt sad sad! :D there's always have next time one ma! :D

  10. He he I remember having to say goodbye to a "love" at da airport once upon a time too... ;)

  11. Alamak my Twitter Fox is off so didn see tweet, missed dis chop! :(

  12. You didn't try the meatballs at IKEA? My fave! But always take kids' size cause it's more than enough.. yummy! :)

  13. @Mariuca actually me this one not the 1st time oso. :/

    aiya! next time! :D

    didnt try cz didnt go inside. :(

  14. yeah, i like the hotdog in ikea too.. and also the meatballs and daim cake, nice nice~~

  15. but too bad you didn't got a chance to try, and just missed meeting up Merryn~~

  16. but wait.. ikea and the curve just next to each other what.. you didn't manage to meet up Merryn meh??

  17. oh, i've been to that chocolate cafe too.. their chocolate drinks are really rich and nice..

  18. oh well, i surely understand how you feel when you are boarding.. of course you feel unwilling to leave~~

  19. wow, just met last night?? wow, meaning Eric is now in KK??

  20. wow the hotdog is filled with a lot of stuffs huh

    what's a curry puff???

  21. all the drinks look good... hmmmm let see.....

    i would go for the one taken by Eric....
    looks really creamy... and nice...

    Oh my chocolates... my guilty pleasures

  22. have a great day for both you and great...
    happy blogging

  23. sad la! :( well, there's always a next time.. :)

  24. oh ur bf is in KK now? woot ..have fun guys! ;)

  25. Love the IKEA hotdog and currypuffs!! And love Theobroma too!

  26. What a bad experience at the parking lot! And what a sad experience on the last day! But it's all good now right?

  27. Actually if can't park at IKEA, can park at Curve or even e-Curve and then walk over. Or worse, just park outside by the roadside also can : )

  28. Love the pic of Grey getting hotdog for you! Really cool as u r not there.. but the pic is there! Like as if this is a movie where we can view everything!

    awwww... u met eric! sweeet! :D no wonder so quiet in cyberworld :P

  29. Wah .... Eat like that. Later become fat Caroline !!

  30. geram with the parkin.. grrrrrr >=(

  31. and we gonna meet again next month!! muahahah =3

  32. if it's at nite or during the weekend, try park ur car at the roadside, dont worry... no panda will kacau! :)