Brunch at Restoran 126 & Food Foundry

On my last day before my next morning flight back to KK, I had a very wonderful gathering with people that I heart a lot among all that I knew from blogospehere.
Starting from Foongpc, Submerryn, Iamthewitch and Lionelong, last but not least my own boyfriend, Ericleeh.Smiley

Witch suggested us to go for this Restoran 126 at Aman Suria on that Sunday.
So, the meeting was at 10am.

Restoran 126
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The Restoran 126
I bet looking at there can see what's they're famous for.

Not much picture taken there as we all just enjoying chit-chatting and catching up with each other.
But I got to say about the food is really nice!

I don't like bittergourd but Witch told me that the Bitter Gourd soup at there is really nice.
I've ordered that for myself.

Bitter Gourd soup with Mee Suah ( MYR 5.00 )

You actually can choose which type of noodles you prefer too.
I love how flavorful the soup is and thing that I most surprised with is the soup NOT BITTER as I thought!Smiley
I remember there's quite lots bitter gourd sliced inside it, and how can it tasted so yummylicious instead of bitter?!Smiley

We spent sometime at there before headed to Food Foundry.
All this while, I only can see it from Foong's blog the delicious crepe cake and he told us how nice is that and so on..
And you know you know, Foong treated Merryn and I for this Mille Crepe Cake!

The moment we arrived there, I was like how come like so far from the town one?
The shop looks kinda old some more.
Don't judge a book from its cover!

Get into it and actually it's a simple and clean cafe-like place?

What to eat at there?
None than others but the Mille Crepe Cake!
Just so you know that the word Mille in French  means "thousand" layers and Crepe means "very thin pancake".
However, of course this one not made with one thousand layers but 20 layers of it.

Food Foundry offers three flavors Mille Crepe Cake - Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla.

Strawberry Crepe Cake - MYR 9.00

Vanilla Crepe Cake - MYR 9.00

I can actually feel how that layers of thin pancakes melt instantly in my mouth!
What a sinful one!
Cup cake emoticon eating
We spent another sometime at Food Foundry before Eric and I left to Fahrenheit 88 for shopping time!
Now I always will crave for those yummy foods I had there especially this Vanilla Crepe Cake!!