A Taste of Vietnam at Peppermint, Karamunsing Capital

This Restoran Mint or well known as Peppermint Vietnamese restaurant existed for quite sometimes already.
I would say the location for this restaurant is quite strategic as you see it the moment you enter Karamunsing Capital.

I've tempted to go here to try their signature dish after Ms Chang had been telling us how good it were!
I managed to visit this restaurant on the last day of work before my flight to KL before the CNY holiday.

We enter and direct to the counter to take order, pay and get our table number.
If you ask me, I don't quite like self service restaurant, I will prefer there's waiter/waitress to serve me and take my order. :p

I ordered chicken rice since Ms Chang told me that's their signature dish.
I was quite shocked when it arrived our table, it looks spicy to me, and I only found that's the infamous Spicy Chicken Rice (MYR 6.00).
Out of my expectation, it's actually not spicy at all.
I was wondering how they can maintain the crispiness of the skin, and needless to say how delicious is the taste for the tender chicken meat.Smiley

Stephanie ordered the Beef Stew Rice (MYR 7.00) and I would say this is one of the best beef stew I've ever eaten so far.Smiley
If you know me, I don't really like beef, exception for nice steak. :p
I rarely eat beef meat, once or twice in a year perhaps? The only time I eat beef would be during Hari Raya time. 
I had to agree with Ms Chang that even 3 years old kids also can eat this for the extremely tender and juicy meat. Both Stephanie and I love this beef stew especially when it served piping hot with the aromatic smell that you definitely can't resist!

Of course we were served with the fragrant steamed rice too.
The steamed rice actually tasted quite special too.

Warm Water Chestnut @ RM 2.50

Stephanie had this Water Chestnut on that afternoon, well after all it is excellent for clearing heat. Oh! Do you know that drinking water chestnut juice can help alleviate the problem of nausea and bad appetite in kids too?

Cold Kitchai @ RM 2.80

As for me, I would prefer this cool refreshing cold kitchai on the hot day!
I always love this drink, don't ask me why! *LOL*

Peppermint serves delicious Vietnamese foods with reasonable pricing too.
It is definitely worth to try and am pretty sure you're gonna agree with me too.