Shopping at Midvalley with Merryn and family! :D

It's shopping time!
Right! I never thought looking for a cheongsam and samfu can be that hard and tiring!
So, after the tummy-filling dim sum brekkie, Eric and I headed to Midvalley to meet up with Merryn.
At that time, I was very excited and even busy texting with Merryn while we on the way there.

We arrived there earlier and I like the Chinese New Year decoration at there!

I saw many cute little lions at there!
Eric wanted to get one for me, but I just don't know what can I do with that later on.

Oh! There's some competition - painting lions' head.
It's so colorful!

I saw this! And I have one at home too! 

I didn't buy it so just took a picture with the little oh-so-cute pink lion!

Eric and I acting with the lions!
We walked around and am getting tired, wearing a heel shoe while doing shopping is killing me!
I felt soooo glad after get a pair of flat sandal!

Finally... Merryn and the family has arrived!
I still remember how Merryn jumped and hugged me, and guess what?

Merryn and family

So, there we go finding the cheongsam and samfu.
Just say we did it last minute! Lol. 
Merryn brought us to Chinatown and there's lots nice and pretty cheongsam and samfu!
After go here and there, finally I got my desired cheongsam and Merryn the one chose it for me!

Done with the shopping, then proceed with our lunch.
William suggested to go to the food court, alright I couldn't believe with my own eyes seeing those crowds!
Gosh! So many people and seriously we're just considered lucky to get a table there.
Merryn, Ethan and I sitting while waiting for foods to come.
Poor Eric and William have to get it for us. :p

I craved for something soupy and Eric get this Hor Fun for me.
It was just nice to me. :)

Black Pepper Chicken Teppanyaki for Eric.
It's yum! Eric love it as his favorite tauge inside there too!

Mango Ice Cream with Mango Sorbet for ME too!
Love yea hubby!

Ethan was so busy playing the iPhone!

Merryn and Caroline

It was really fun to hang out with Merryn and William was fun too!
And now now... I remember I still owing Ethan a lion shirt! *oops*
After lunch, we went to the IT Fair for while and back home to get some rest before the lou sang.

Eric and Caroline with the white lion statue.

Oh! Actually I've met up with Mariuca before go for the lou sang with my darlings!


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