Coffee Chemistry Cafe Is The Place...

for coffee and non-coffee lover!
Why is that?

Since ever Vialentino opened this new cafe, I've been pestering Eric to bring me go there when I at there.
Tell you, I even planned to go there right after I touched down at LCCT, too bad its too late and Eric took the wrong road back!

And for that night I had my date with Rebecca, Saucer and Witch, Grey, Kelvin and Kian Fai (who made it last minute) at Sunway Giza.
We had our dinner at Ipoh-Ipoh and proceed to Coffee Chemistry Cafe for the so-called supper!

The Coffee Chemistry Cafe still quite new at that time and it's sharing premis with Cubic Platform.
So if you saw the Cubic Platform above Movida, just go up and there's the Coffee Chemistry Cafe that you're looking for!

We went up and actually thought eh how come full with HTC phones?Smiley
No, you're not at the wrong place.
We saw Vialentino and he has prepared a table for us already.
We actually had some sweet time enjoyed all the "toys" at there too especially for HTC lovers to check out their latest gadget.

Eric and I

I got my new toy before our dinner too!

Saucer and Witch
Travel and Foodie couple blogger!

Oops! Another travel and foodie blogger in da house with us..

Rebecca from

Kian Fai and Kelvin

I was amazed by the art on each coffee served to us..
All of us nonstop praising how great the art is!
Witch had Cafe Latte ( MYR 6.50 ) on that night. 
Seeing her enjoy it at that night surely know how good it is.

Eric ordered Cappuccino ( MYR 6.50 ) and I took a sip of it.
I got to say the taste certainly great and wonderful!
Eric won't say it nice if he don't like it, and he always wanted his coffee to be nice one!
And I kinda fell in love with it too even though am not a coffee lover!

Kian Fai who came later ordered Mocha ( MYR 6.50 ) claiming that it tasted real good too!
That was his second visit and ordered the same drink, you know what's that mean.

For tea lover, they do serve tea for you too!
Grey enjoyed his cuppa hot tea at there.
So, let's see what we had at there...

Rebecca is someone quite particular in salad and she even told Vialentino that she wants her salad to be good!
She ordered Caesar Salad ( MYR 9.90 ) to be shared with us, Rebecca said it was nice!
I myself also lovin it, healthy food with fresh lettuce and bacon sliced makes it wonder!

Bacon and Onion Frittata ( MYR 5.90 ) is really something to shout for!

It became everyone's favorite for that night and we even ordered another plate for this!
I would highly recommend this one for sure!Smiley

See, I dislike onion, and I even tried to avoid taking any foods with onion.
However, this one was exception as it taste really great with the bacon, omelette and onions!

Everyone was actually wanted to try this Chicken and Mushroom Pie ( MYR 5.90 ) and I remember that Rebecca reserved her tummy at Ipoh Ipoh for this wonderful pie!
Indeed another must try food at CCC!
It tasted amazingly great with crispy at outside and juicy and tender meat inside it!Smiley
Another plate? Of course!

We also ordered this freshly made Salmon Wrap ( MYR 8.90 ) at that night.
Love Salmon, try this! It is tasted nice as it looks!

Green Pesto (Chicken Herbs Pesto Pasta) in da house! 
We're the first customers to try it!
We found that it tasted bland for the first time and Vialentino actually prepared another one and it's tasted much better than previous one!
Witch and I didn't try for the second time as they finished it while we went down to buy Baskin Robbins!

Kian Fai ordered Carrot and Potato Soup ( MYR 8.90 ) and everyone took a few sips of it.
It is really nice!! Loving it although I don't like carrot!

Grey, Saucer and Witch

A group picture of us!
We all enjoyed the foods and company at there.
Picture courtesy of

Vialentino and Caroline

Finally we met up! Nice meeting you!

Rebecca and Caroline

For all this while we just tweeting each other and finally got the chance to meet up.
I bet everyone know her too!

Kelvin, Caroline and Kian Fai

Ohmy! I look so small standing between this two big guys!

We're all certainly had a great time hang out at there.
Needless to say, we would come back for another time too!
I just have to say that Coffee Chemistry Cafe really made me love something that I dislike!