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Lou Sang and Finally I Met Foongpc !

3:41 PMCaroline Ng May Ling

After a short met with Mariuca, Eric and I headed to New Formosa Restaurant at SS2 for our lou sang!

I was really excited to meet everybody once again after my last visit there.
And this time I get to meet Foongpc too!

Eric and I 

This is how we dressed up for that night.
We're the first ones to reached there and good thing we can choose our seats first!

Grey, Caroline, Erika and Witch

Soon arrived were Witch and Saucer and then Grey coming with Erika.
Witch looks EXTREMELY GORGEOUS in her purple-white cheongsam!
And she looks cute with her fringe!! *woot*

Grey and Erika

Grey looks sooo cute!
Looks like kid at here! Agree?

Merryn and family 

Hah! Finally saw Merryn in cheongsam too!
We shopped together at daytime and dinner together at night.
That made me soooo happy as I can see Ethan few times in a day!

Caroline, Witch, Saucer and Foongpc

It was fun to meet the anonymous panda Foongpc!
He's the only one who not wearing the Chinese traditional costume and his excuse for it was no time to shop for it!
He also forgot to bring his panda head!

Yee Sang

First to come of course the yee sang for us to toss!

Lou Sang!!

I don't even remember what's the name for each dish that we had for that night, thanks to Witch for named each of them in her blog.

Butter Eel and Pineapple Spare Ribs

Am loving the butter eel lots and that's my very first time to eat it cooked with butter!
Can't help myself to take more of that!

Braised Two Varieties Mushrooms with Shell Fish

I was really happy to see my favorite brocolli on our table!

Taiwanese Style Grilled Prawns Stuffed with Special Garlic Paste

When I saw this come, I kept on thinking how am I going to eat it without get my hand dirt, and dear Eric peeled the prawn skin for me! *Auww*

Deep Fried Local Sea Bass Taiwanese Style

After Witch told me that this one quite spicy, I just take a lil bit of the gravy and GOSH!! IT'S SPICY!
So, I just gave it an exception on that night.
While Eric told me that it's just nice. 

Braised Pig's Trotter in Black Pepper Sauce

Pork! Me likey!
Though I didn't take much of it, it's not because it taste not nice but I prefer lots meat than fats!
I know am skinny and should eat more fats, but it just not my cup of tea.

Fried Vegetables with Pornelo Sacs and Almond Flakes

This is also one of my favorites for that night.
Ethan love it too!

I guess just like everyone, myself too can't wait to see what's dessert will be served to us.
First the brought us the Sweet Yam in Caramel, but it was actually not the one we ordered.
So, it was only mistake and we were all happy that they give us for free!

Sweet Yam in Caramel

I love how crispy the outside and soft yam inside it.
And of course we got our actual order for dessert!

Five Flavours Pudding

Five - Yam Paste with Gingko, Beancurd in Black Sugar, Mango Pudding, Green Tea Pudding and Herbal Jelly.
I love the yam paste with ginko most!

After the scrumptious lou sang dinner, we took some pictures before we left.
Just to share some of our pictures moments!

Group picture taken by Foongpc for he forgot to bring his panda head!

This is going to be my MOST FAVORITE picture for the night.
It's not easy for people to snap a perfect smiling picture of Ethan like this!

Witch and Caroline

Caroline and Merryn

Caroline and Erika

Ladies in staircase order - Witch, Caroline, Erika and Merryn

We look pretty in our cheongsam right?

Tall vs Short couples!
Saucer and Witch & Caroline and Eric

Foong and Caroline

Foong just going to kill me if I post his picture without mosaic it!
Nice chit-chat with you Panda!

Guess what? We all headed to Snowflake for our supper!!
In case if you wondering we going there with our cheongsam and samfu, answer is YES!


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