Christmas Eve Dinner @ Sanook, Kelana Jaya

The jingle bells starts ringing and am definitely in the Christmas mood already right after my birthday! This time round, I get the opportunity to join the rest to sample the Christmas Eve Dinner menu at Sanook. I always fancy to dine by the lake for not just it romance ambiance but also for it rather chilly. 

A virgin stepped into this place, I know we're just going to enjoy the good food while chilling around. We started with the wine of the month, Bolzano Tempranillo which I found it tasted just nice and it's mild compared to what I have tried before this. I guess I just found something suit me and it is definitely will go well with my main course later on!

Roasted Turkey
Talking about Christmas, there will always be turkey! I always had roasted turkey for the Christmas and Sanook will not letting you missed the roast turkey for your celebration too! Sanook presented the well roasted turkey which stuffed with polenta, fresh pineapple and dates and served with mix Italian herbs sauce. It is also accompanied by baby carrots, grapes, brussels sprouts, snow peas and creamy pineapple chutney.
Italiano Pan-fried Scallops with Breaded Honey Tiger Prawn
Pan-Fried Scallops
Breaded Honey Tiger Prawn
We begin our meal with the appetizer, Italiano Pan-fried Scallop with Breaded Honey Tiger Prawn. With a firm and tender texture, the pan-fried scallop tasted sweet in natural, it is just delicious to have one. On the other side, the breaded honey tiger prawn win my heart with it succulent texture and needless to say how great it goes with the sweet sauce.

Fresh Black Mussel Soup Meditteranean style
The second course presented on our table was the Fresh Black Mussel Soup Mediterranean style. It doesn't look like an ordinary soup and most of us seems quite surprise with it is called soup. For the portion-wise, you could be very wrong if you think it is small in portion as the soup tasted so rich in flavors and it's definitely tantalize your taste buds! Not to mention the great combination of the soup with the bread and fresh mussels in the soup, it is so heavenly!

Grilled Rib-steak ala Americano
Moving to the main course, you can choose either salmon or steak. I opt for steak while Eric opt for the salmon. I am definitely not a meaty person, but I do know to enjoy the good steak! It was the Grilled Rib-steak ala Americano that I had for my main course. Of course, you could choose to how raw or well cooked is your steak to be and I prefer it to be cooked in a medium well. The surface of the steak is all well  charred on the top and bottom and topped with the mushroom sauce, with a hint of pink in the middle of the steak, the juiciness of the meat, it was so well done! Do I need to mention how well it goes along with the red wine?

On the other hand, I always love and enjoy eating the salmon. I also had the chance to try their Pan-Fried Salmon with Tempura Baby Crab as that's what Eric chose for his main course. I could not deny on such huge portion of the salmon, it was quite thick that some found it hard to finish it. I bet everyone loves the baby crab for it crispy yet soft in the inside! 

After we finished with the main course, we were all served with thin slices of roasted turkey coupled with the sides. It feels like we celebrating the Christmas much earlier! Though I have to admit that am not keen into the slightly dry meat of the Turkey, but I guess that's why roasted turkey always perfect to accompanied by the pineapple chutney or perhaps the cranberry sauce, and that's definitely my all time favorite!

Sweet Creamy Honey Pineapple Studel in Wantan Skin
To conclude the 5 course dinner, each of us getting the Sweet Creamy Honey Pineapple Studel in Wantan Skin for the dessert. It is certainly something one of a kind I would say and also something that I have never tried before. It was rather a weird combination of various fruits such as blueberries, kiwi and pineapple on the thin layered of wantan skin, topped with ice cream, lovely!

It is only RM 133+ per pax with a complimentary bottle of Bolzano Tempranillo red wine to be shared by 2 persons. You could enjoy 15% discount if you book before the 15th December! It is only available on the 24th December 2011 ( Saturday evening ). Whatcha waiting for? Book your table to enjoy the romantic Christmas Eve Dinner with your loved ones and enjoy the chilling night by the calm lake! 

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