DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME

iPhone 4S? 4 sure for me? I bet many people who know me well that I'm not much of an Apple iPhone fan. And most of you guys would know how much I love my Blackberry. But then, this iPhone 4S is trying very hard to tempt me away from my Blackberry. I admit. I had fallen for its temptation and if you can't win them, join them!

So why iPhone 4S is 4 SURE 4 ME?

1. I love taking pictures and sharing it!

Yes! The camera! iPhone 4S's 8-megapixel is such a beauty that words cannot describe! I had tried using it before and I instantly fell in love with its picture quality! I do not like how some smartphones had very good hardware specs but their camera ends up not good at all and very noisy! I do not like to tweet or put in my Facebook blurry pictures! With the effects applied, it still cannot be as nice as the picture taken with the iPhone 4S! It's like travelling with a small BUT very very good camera. Even the high resolution retina display would make me enjoy my pictures happily! Crispy and crystal clear pictures FTW!

2. Who else but SIRI?

At first I thought SIRI would be quite a useless function. But once I had seen what it can do, it amazes me! It could help me locate places to eat (no need to depend on the 24-hours-bad-tempered-someone) with just a simple command! It can even be a great conversationalist as well! It would definitely keep me entertained when SOMEONE is too busy to talk to me. Hmph! Check this Video out for SIRI!

3. Games and Entertainment!

I love my Blackberry 9900! But the Blackberry had limited amount of fun apps and games for me! Blackberry's Qwerty keypad is definitely NOT meant for games. Apple's App Store contains lots of games that I can download to keep me entertain! The iPhone 4S is definitely a good gaming companion for me with games like Cut The Rope, Angry Birds and my all time favorite SMURF VILLAGE! I can even watch very clear and good videos on it!

So this is why I think iPhone 4S would be 4 SURE for me! It can be there to keep my life from being boring and waiting for Eric after work can no longer be dull anymore! So, is iPhone 4S the phone for sure for you as well?