Glorious Foods at Georgetown, Penang

You may said 4 days 3 nights is enough to venture the "little" Georgetown in Penang, but oh boy! You're totally wrong and better change your mind set about Georgetown. We were each given a map with the listed tourism attractions as guideline for us. Heck! That's a numbers of places to visit and have not includes the foods that we're going to try! 

Before we start our exploration of the city, we were all divided into few groups. I was totally glad to be in the group and they're all awesomely cool and cute! Three photographers in the group and the cute lil girl in the group which made our group more happening!
Photo credit : KhanKhai
Bgeok - KhanKhai (Leader) - Derek - Yours Truly - Xiao Chen - Pei Ling

If you know me, you would know how much I hate to walk! When we were told we have to visit around by just walking, I was totally shocked and speechless. Again, if you know me, am not a person who give up easily. Challenge accepted and let me share some foods that I have had around Georgetown.

#01 -  小巷粿条汤 ( Koay Teow Soup ) at Argyll Road - RM 3

Koay Teow Soup
Meaty meatball
I was pretty surprised to see many food stalls does not has proper stalls of their own and basically those food stalls located at those alleys around the town. Each and every stalls were so packed and we were lucky to have a small table just fit for us. The Koay Teow Soup - the flat rice noodle which served in a clear soup broth, accompanied by fresh meatballs, fishballs and some greens. It was such a simple yet filling breakfast to have with in the morning before we continue our mission to conquer the Georgetown city. 

#02 - Teochew Chendul at Penang Road - RM 1.90

Teochew Chendul
Chendul at Penang Road
Guess it is one of the not-to-be-missed-out when you're at Georgetown for it refreshing and cooling Chendul! Priced at RM 1.90, you can easily get it at Penang Road and I bet you're could instantly falling in love with it! What I have to is, it is always can be your choice especially during the hot sunny day!Smiley

#03 - Fresh Toast Bread & Coffee at Campbell Street

Toh Soon Cafe
The crowds
Fluffy Toast Bread @ Toh Soon Cafe
Bread toast in a traditional method
Craving for some light meal during the tea time? Upon entering Toh Soon Cafe, we were kinda worried if there's no table for us and we're just lucky again! The glaring sun just being too kind with us and allow us to take our tea break at Toh Soon Cafe to have the great combination of fluffy toast bread and cuppa nice coffee. Unlike other places, the toast bread prepared in a traditional way whereby the worker uses the heat of charcoal! It was in such a wonderful finish of golden brown charred on the bread.Smiley

#04 - Char Koay Teow at Sri Weld Food Court, Lebuh Pantai

Char Koay Teow
A must-have in Penang, none other than the Char Koay Teow! If you ask me, you can actually easily get delicious Char Koay Teow in Penang! I definitely enjoy the savor the delicious stir fried flat rice noodles! I always love to see my Char Koay Teow comes with generous amount of crunchy bean sprouts, deshelled cockles, succulent prawns, eggs and not to forget the hint of belacan taste. At that time, I just can't help but taking my sweet time to eat it. Smiley

#05 - Assam Laksa at Joo Hooi Coffee Shop, Penang Road - RM 3

Assam Laksa
For someone who originally from the East Malaysia, I would never expect the Assam Laksa that am going to have at West Malaysia is totally something different! Laksa, is never my favorite of foods for I can't handle the spiciness. Kudos to Joo Hooi Coffee Shop for changing my mind set! The bowl of Laksa was sooo fragrant and it's hard to resist from trying it! We mixed the prawn paste into the noodles and O-M-G! It was so delicious that am totally in love with it! The Laksa tasted so great and sourish which is just nice to my liking, needless to say that the springy noodles and the fresh minced fish meat blended so well with the sour-spicy gravy. To stop getting myself salivate by looking at this, I guess I just need to drag myself to go there again and to fix my Assam Laksa fixed!

The greedy Khan Khai!
If you think that's all that we had along the trip, you're totally wrong! Our "uncle" Khan Khai did his very best to bring us to try almost everything and I shall share it with all of you in my next post perhaps?