Once upon a time, there's a princess from a land far away named Princess Snow Carol.. 

Oh!! And there's a magic mirror as well!! Which fairy tale do not need a magic mirror?

Had this sort of problem happens to you? I used to own a middle range phone which always gets on my nerve by failing to make calls at all!

Why SIRI and Digi will be my BEST COMPANIONS? Read on!

Digi and SIRI would make a perfect companion because it will give me lightning fast response in any yellow zone to whatever inquiries I had given. Imagine asking SIRI, where is a nice place for Bak Kut Teh and without good connection, I will probably starve until I fainted before a reply comes! Digi will always be there to make sure that would not happen! It will ensure SIRI to operate efficiently like it can always be!

It would definitely keep me entertained no matter where I am with SIRI funny response to me!

Saw the video? This is exactly how great SIRI can be  in keeping me from being bored! If without a good connection, Probably I will have to wait gazillion years for the replies to come. SIRI cannot work well on its own, it needs DIGI in order to be my perfect companion!

Well, Digi is my best companion, and if SIRI continues its good performance (refer to ONLY the last panel), then it would be too. Who would not need a personal assistant that would respond to you with efficiency and also accuracy? Siri and Digi would just be one of my new best friends if permitted! Lastly, ALL HAIL SIRI AND DIGI AND PRINCESS SNOW CAROL! Yay!!