The Birthday. The Christmas.

First of all, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I used to celebrate the festive Christmas with the family and I feel so happy to be home for the celebration! God knows how much I missed the family while am at KL. 

Sis Haylie
All this while, being together with Eric, going through all the ups and downs along our relationship, was pretty challenging and fun! The first day of this month was my birthday and this year marked a very first time I could celebrate it with Eric. After the surprise birthday by him and my lovely bunch of dearies, I thought there will be no more surprise from him, which am wronged!

I’ve been asking him if he is bringing me somewhere during my birthday and Heck! He did not even really do the countdown for me as he came to me and wished me happy birthday before the clock stroked 12. I was quite down in the mood but with the nonstop wishes from twitter, facebook, bbm, whatsapp, email, calls and text messages, totally cheered me for the whole night! The next morning, when I saw he wore a nice long sleeve shirt, I thought oh! There’s a surprise for me and I asked. Again. He then said, “It’s hot, change shirt first”. It just totally depressed me and I went to work with a lil moody mood.

What brightened my day was all the wishes from the lovely colleagues especially some were so cheeky enough to come and whispered “Happy Birthday to you” to my ear. At that moment, I was wishing if my boyfie could do so too. The lovely colleagues who closed with me threw a birthday surprise for me at TGIF and that’s really one of the most memorable birthday ever!

Off work time, Eric came and fetched me earlier than usual, and being a bit pissed off me for what he had done in the morning, I purposely made him wait for another 30mins. He bought my favorite ice cream from Baskin Robbin and told me this is my birthday cake and telling me that we’re going to eat McDonald to celebrate my birthday. Oh! How I hate this! In the car, am just not in the mood to have any conversation with him while he kept on asking me what I want to eat? I just simply said McNuggets please. He then said “McNugget only? Eat Big Mac larr,birthday worr!” Honestly, that’s REALLY ANNOYED me! I closed my eyes and pretend sleep for he just ruined my day!

He stopped the car and woke me up and asked me to go down as we has arrived destination, and it’s kinda puzzled me the moment I saw “Ishin”! OMG!! I have been telling him thousands time how much I wanted to dine here and did not know he actually has planned something for me! What a huge surprise!!! Just so you know that Ishin is a Japanese restaurant serving genuine Japanese and Kaiseki style cuisines that are cooked to order. They prepare the meals freshly using ingredient imported from Japan's famous Tsukiji market with the finest ingredients of the season.

Preparing the sushi-s
The waitress came and brought the ipad for us to view the menu. The menu was extensive and it's pretty hard to make my choice as everything seems so delicious! Of course, we could not afford to order all for the slightly expensive price shown. But, judging from that, we knew everything will be worth and valued for the money. 

Sashimi Zen ( RM 48 )
I am sashimi lover! I love sashimi very much especially Salmon Sashimi! The sashimi were all fresh and it feels like heaven after the first bite in my mouth. Plus point, it is slightly thicker in size which really guaranteed the satisfaction of having it! 

Sashimi Tempura Zen ( RM 42 )
Sashimi Sushi always my favorite simply because I love sashimi! Dip it with wasabi and it taste as great as it is! The Sashimi Tempura Zen comes with the side dishes like chawan mushi, tempura as well as the miso soup.
Prawns Tempura
Frankly, am not a fan of tempura unless it is good. I simply love the tempura in Ishin for its crispy outside yet succulent prawn inside, it tasted great after dipped it into the sauce.

Unagi Maki ( RM 24 )
I love sushi! Although I have to say am already quite full with the sashimi platters and other side dishes, there's no reason I could missed out this one for it is also one of my favorite! It seems that Eric just know what I love! Unlike my other experience, I could really taste the rich flavor of the grilled eel within the sushi, I always love my sushi to be dipped in the wasabi sauce. 

3 Taste Chawan Mushi ( RM 14 )
I was first wondered why Eric need to order another set Chawan Mushi since we already have it and little did I know that there's difference between both! The ala carte Chawan Mushi that he has ordered comes with 3 cute chawan mushi inside the egg shells and inside was not just the plain chawan mushi! Each topped with different toppings which added up some significant flavors to each of it. They were exceptionally good and you would wish for more!

Mango Parfait ( RM 16 )
We ordered the Mango Parfait to be shared and seriously glad that we were sharing this! It is so huge and simply yummy! Don't you just love to have mango chunks with the ice cream? That was such lovely dessert to end our dinner that night.

Us being together. <3
I had totally a great time dining at there and enjoyed the really great Japanese foods ever at Ishin. Thanks love for the lovely surprise on my big day and on this special Christmas, I know you do not celebrate the Christmas but there’s always something for you. And so proud of myself for finally managed to surprised him with the gift!
Christmas Gift for the boyfie

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Tel : +603 - 7980 8228
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