Christmas Buffet Gala Dinner @ Terazza Brasserie, Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel

It's Christmas Eve and if you're still thinking where to celebrate the Christmas, why not give Grand Dorsett a chance to serve you like a king for a night? Since the first time I went there for the themed buffet, I just could not help myself but falling in love with the delicious foods especially the breads at Terazza Brasserie, Grand Dorsett. I was so glad being invited to go over again for the Christmas Buffet!

Christmas Tree entirely made of bread!
The moment Eric and I saw the Christmas tree that entirely made of bread, we seriously doubt if it is made of real bread and were surprised with the confirmation from the General Manager, Mr Kuscher! This is definitely something extraordinary compared to other Christmas trees that I have seen before. 

Yours Truly and Santa Claus
Christmas Deco that made of bread
The "Santa Claus" greeted us and look at those presents that been placed under the tree, lovely isn't it? Don't be surprised to see those lovely breads decoration upon entering Terazza Brasserie, you could simply amazed by them! After the short briefing by Mr Kuscher, I just can't wait to try each of them as they are so inviting and appetizing, no, you just can't resist it.

Whole Roasted Turkey
One dish that we would not want to miss out for the Christmas - Whole Roasted Turkey! Surprisingly, the roasted turkey meat at here tends to be slightly tender and am not sure how many serving I had for that night. Of course, topped up with some of your preferred sauces, it would taste more wonderful! 

Beef Wellington with Shallot Glaze Sauce
On the other side, you could actually see the Beef Wellington with Shallot Glaze Sauce! First glanced at it, I thought this is not my cuppa tea for it coated with pastries and looked slightly dry to me. After Eric tried and telling me how much he love it, I don't mind to give it a try and oh boy! Such a wonderful combination, the meat was perfectly done in medium well, the pinky yet juicy meat, perfect!

Cold platters
Salad Bar
Chicken Sausage Salad
I love salads and the first thing I do was check out what are they offered at the Salad Bar. There's plentiful of choices you can choose and trust me, you would definitely wanted to try all of them! If you know Eric, he is not a salad person, he would just say NO to your face even if you just try to offer salad to him. On that night, he had few servings of salads and yes that pretty surprised me which also means, the salads at here were really good and you just have to try it yourself!

Buffet Spread
I always had problem where to start for the main course for the splendid buffet spread offering so many varieties that you wish to get them all yet you afraid you could not get them. The Seafood Paela Rice tasted something different for the aromatic seafood flavors within it, and it is perfect to go with any dishes you wish for that night. Though I thought it is slightly overcooked for that night. 

Chicken Kerutub
Braised Prawns in Spicy Coconut Milk
There's always local fusion in the buffet spread offered by Terazza Brasserie and you know I know that it is definitely can simply fulfilled the locals appetites and cravings. They tasted just as great as how appetizing they are and it goes well with either the steamed rice or seafood paella rice or even the Mongolian Noodle.
Chef cooking Mongolian Noodle
For the Mongolian Noodle, you have to request from the chef and he will be delightfully cook for you. Initially, I wondered why they don't just served it as the way how they serve other dishes, later then after I tried the noodle, it is definitely best to eat it right after it cooked! It tasted sooo good that I don't mind to eat it and kept drinking the water for it spiciness! 
Vegetable and Prawns Tenpura
There were also tempura section where you can get your tempura craving fixed for the night. I am not really into the tempura but I think after all, dip it with the sauce, it was just great! 

Fresh Raw Prawns
As usual, the fresh raw seafoods section always impressed me with the  huge ice carvings. Fresh oyster, prawns, crabs, mussels, and etc, you just need to choose your favorite and you're done! 

Assam Laksa
After my recent Penang trip, I am just trying harder to find Assam Laksa that could actually fix my cravings at KL. Hence, the moment I see this, the both Wai Mei and I just get ourselves to try this. It was delicious! Although I had to say it is still incomparable with the one that I have had at Penang, it is still one of the best I had at KL. You could actually prepare it the way you want it taste like, if you wants it to be spicy, put more chilli and you get it. How simple it is!

BBQ corner
BBQ prawns and satays
BBQ crayfish, lambs
Grilled Mutton
The BBQ and Grilled corner are only available during the weekends, you could easily get your favorite satays, bbq prawns, grilled lambs, and etc at there. Don't be surprised with how it taste, I just could say that everything were well marinated as it tasted so good in the mouth.

For a sushi lover like me, it is a must to have at least one or two sushi to fix my craving and again, it was not disappointed at all. What's the most love? The Salmon Sashimi were sooo great! That's always a must to have it here after my first visit, it were all in fine sliced and so fresh that you could definitely wish for more and more!

Dessert Corner
Dessert Corner*2
French Apple Pie
After done with all the main course dishes, if you ask me if am full, there's always empty spaces for the desserts! How is it impossible to not getting the desserts at here?! They were so sinfully delicious and for a person who has sweet tooth like me, it is a must to have it! The French Apple Pie could be our favorite for it taste not too sweet and apple fusion within it is so wonderful!

Chocolate Fountain
You could easily found the Chocolate fountain and you may grab your favorite fruits among the choices and I would always love to have the strawberries and prunes to go with the chocolatey syrup!
Ice cream corner
Ice cream for Eric
To me, ice cream always plays the crucial part in the buffet spread! It is simply because some people do not like too sweet dessert and ice cream just a perfect dessert to them. Besides, kids just love ice creams! You would certainly wish the kids enjoy themselves during the buffet right? So am I!

Assorted Fresh Fruits
Usually, I rarely eat much fruits during buffet but the ones served in Terazza Brasserie is something different. The sweetness and juiciness of the fruits always win my heart and they were so refreshing. By the end of it, we were all well stuffed with the yummylicious foods and totally enjoyed the foods at there. 

Wai Mei and I
Double Date on Pre Christmas Dinner
This is probable the best ever Christmas Buffet I ever had! You could have it too! While am preparing to go back my hometown, you could have your extraordinary Christmas celebration at Grand Dorsett! 

Terazza Brasserie
Terazza's Christmas Eve Gala Buffet Dinner with party pack, a glass of beer, juice or sparkling wine is served for just RM 118++.

Emperor Cantonese Restaurant
On Christmas Eve, a Chinese Set Dinner will be served from RM 1188++ per table ( inclusive of party pack, beer, juice or wine )

Miyako Japanese Restaurant
Join in the festivities and savour a Christmas Festive Japanese Eight Bento Set Menu from RM 98++. During the Christmas Weekend, a Samurai Buffet Dinner will feature interactive teppanyaki, tempura and yakitori stations for just RM 98++. On Christmas Eve get together with friends and family for the buffet dinner with a glass of sake, juice or beer at just RM 118++.

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