Budget Traveler Guide to Georgetown by Project Penang

Aloha! I just back from the trip and the trip was actually the Budget Traveller Guide toGeorgetown by Project Penang. First of all, being one of the ten bloggers chosen for the trip definitely meant a lot to me. To me, it is sort of achievement in my blogging journey and appreciate being given such opportunity, I am so proud with myself and it also motivate me to improve and blog in my passionate way. What's more? My flight to Penang was fully sponsored by the most winning awards airline which had celebrated their 10th awesome anniversary recently; it is none other than AirAsia
With several direct flight provided by AirAsia, traveler from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia can easily fly to visit Penang! Besides, Penangites could fly to have their weekend gateway at Kuala Lumpur (8x daily), Johor Bahru (2x daily), Kota Kinabalu (1x daily), Kuching (1x daily) or even Langkawi (1x daily). That's how convenient AirAsia can be!


This is my virgin trip to the Pearl Of Orient and I definitely unsure what and how it will be, one definite expectation is on the foods! I have set a very high expectation on the foods that am going to have for the 4 days 3 nights at Georgetown. HuttonLodge which situated in the heart of Georgetown is where we settled our 3 nights stay. Hutton Lodge could easily offers the comfort to the guests and it's not just about luxury but the cleanliness that what we needed now. 


The simple yet sufficient facilities that cater at Hutton Lodge simply fulfilled the needs of their guest. There are mini cafes, internet corner, books and magazines, snack and drink bar and wifi service for the guest to enjoy during their stay. They just know how to ensure a pleasant stay for their guest and that's what we called as hospitality.
Outdoor seats
Indoor seats
Books and Magazines
Tourism info corner
Reception area
Simple delicate breakfast such as toasts and banana cake which comes with coffees/teas and orange juice will be served to the guest every morning. Most of the times, we would just have a cuppa and start on our foodie venture, simply because it's just a food heaven at Penang sweethearts! Each places easily connected with each other and it such an ease to go around for the strategic centralized location of Hutton Lodge.

Guest having breakfast
I am totally do not mind that I have to share a room with others as after all we will not be in the lodge during the day time. Though I have to say that I am not quite comfortable with the sharing bathroom, it kind of freaked me out when I come out from the shower and saw a guy wearing a towel outside there washing face or brushing teeth. That's just way too awkward to me but well, there's always a first time. And perhaps, it is a better thought of providing at least one hair dryer as the girls and I had a hard time to dry our wet hair especially during the night. 
Dormitory room
Project Penang definitely wouldn't be a success without the two men who has passion in aiming to introduce the bustling Georgetown to the world! It's definitely not an easy task, I do believe in hard effort always will get paid off in the end if there's deep passion involve in the process. It's just pretty impressive! The two men behind the Project Penang is the both friendly Vincent & Khan Kai (KK)
Vincent and Yours Truly
KK and Yours Truly
The entire trip has been such challenge to me, it's pretty tough as I hate walk! But hey, I have made it for the 3 days! I get tanned even though with the layers of sunblock, oh sunshine, just be kind to me next time! I shall share all the deliciously glorious foods that I have had at Georgetown with you all soon! Till then.

Hutton Lodge Sdn. Bhd.
17, Jalan Hutton,
10050 Penang.
Tel: +604 - 263 6003
H/P: +016 - 418 5003
Fax: +604 - 263 6002
Email: enquiry@huttonlodge.com
Website: www.huttonlodge.com