DiGi iPhone 4SURE I DO 1ST

So what is the thing I'll do first if I get my hands on an iPhone 4S? I thought about it and these are the few things I would want to do!

1.Subscribe to iDigi plan for iPhone 4S

Who else can I look into if I wanted to purchase a line for my iPhone 4S if not the most affordable one in town! Digi so far had offered the best and cheapest plan around and it's a waste not to sign up with them. Without an internet line, iPhone 4S is useless and so is SIRI which needed an internet connection in order to work. If I would want to enjoy using SIRI and tweet nice looking photos, getting a good service provider would be my priority!

2. Make full use of SIRI

Having SIRI is like a gem! If you can't make full use of it, why own an iPhone 4S? I'll make sure it look up for the some words I don't understand and also the find me places to eat! Thank God for SIRI!

3. Tweet about it! Camwhore!

To enjoy my favorite past time! To camwhore and then share to the world. Superb camera and then it's definitely time to show off!

4. Oh! Talking about showing off? here's the 4th reason!

Now someone would not be able to show off his iPad to me. EVER again! Not unless if he had a better phone than the iPhone 4S! Hah! I doubt!