The iPhone 4s is coming~~to town~iPhone 4s~~iPhone 4s all the way~~Oh! What fun! Had you guys heard of the launch of iPhone 4S in Malaysia? Possibly one of the best smartphone in the market now?

Being a newcomer in town, there will be no question that this phone will going to cost a bomb. Basically, many of us would want to have it but simply, we couldn't have it! Even I myself find it difficult to commit such amount of money including the money for the internet line I'm going to spend on my iPhone 4S if I had one! 

However, afraid not! Digi, as always, had come up with a very affordable plan for each and everyone of us!

First of all, the Digi iPhone 4S plan will be available in 3 options! Each and every option is customized so that everyone would enjoy their plans at a very affordable rate and also save a lot more.

For example, by subscribing to the iDigi 88, I can save up to RM992 for my iPhone 4S and the price of my iPhone 4S 16GB after the savings would only be RM1298! That is also because the Digi iPhone 4S 16GB is priced at RM2090 compared to the recommended retail of RM2290!

Not only that! If you purchase the iDigi 238, you will save UP TO RM2168! That's right! Your iPhone 4S 16GB would only cost you about RM122!! That would be the cheapest smartphone around!

If you are still doubtful over this Digi affordable plan, you can go to their website and see this comparison chart! Sure it might lack in certain areas such as the quota limit, BUT, Digi pampers and spoils us with its freebies. ANd there isn't any Excess Charges if you went over your Internet Quota!

Despite having absolutely NO advance payment, Digi also offers the lowest subscription fees over the course of 24 months compared to their competitors! Now, it's there anymore question to Digi being the MOST affordable iPhone 4S companion in town? For more info, you can go to their website over HERE.

And with auto billing! The fees is even lower! How cool is that! I also pays my Digi bill this way and over in a long term, I saved so much more!

Ok. Eric promised me 20 iPhone 4S already! Thank you!