Mezze, Where The Surprise Was.

Being in love and loved are both totally different things and I will always be grateful for I have the both of it. To have friends that is really appreciate you and accepting you as how you are are those who you can keep for life. Since the first I know them, we all know that the friendship that we have are extraordinary as we get to know each other all from the internet, be it twitterville or blogosphere.

Bunch I love the most
On the Sunday, when boyfie told me I will need to accompany him to attend his work-related event on the Monday, I was so reluctant and kept trying to decline him nicely. When the Monday came, he asked me to get ready and wear something nice for the event, I was not even in the mood to dress up. How can I don't even realized it was a trick when he do not allow me to touch his phone whenever there is a whatsapp message notifications?! I am so dumb that I do not even alert when Merryn tweeted and hinted me!
Mezze Bistro & Bar
There you go, I was not in a mood to dress myself up and just put on a simple red dress and we left home. The moment we arrived Mezze, I don't feel nothing but somehow a lil bit uneasy at time. Moreover, I just trying to bear with the smokes., if only we could get a table at non smoking area. *sigh* I was told to wait and no idea what to do sitting alone at there. Guess what? Few minutes later, Eric appeared together with Foong, Mei Yee and Lionel. That just left me is such huge confusion and what I asked was, where is your colleagues? What's with the annual dinner event? Why everyone at here? Mei Yee came and say hello and they were all just laughing! And Grey came later! Geez!! It's a birthday surprise celebration for the both Foong and I!  All of us been hearing lots about the good food at Mezze and this is definitely the time for us to try.  We ordered and quite disappointed that there's no Lamb Pilaf Pie for us to try. But hey, let's see what we had for the night.

Olio Bacon ( RM 29 )
I love pasta and bacon! The birthday boy, Foong is so clever for being safe and chose the Olio Bacon for us to share. I always love my pasta to be al dente and this Olio Bacon just simply fixed my craving for pasta. Perhaps, am not keen into peppery or spicy, I found it a lil to peppery to my liking, despite of that, I just love to have another serving of this. 
Carbonara ( RM 26 )
Been hearing people bragging about the Spaghetti Carbonara at here, I guess it is definitely a must try at here. It was pretty unique in serving as there is raw egg yolk in the half egg shell on the top of the pasta. We pour the whole egg yolk and mixed into the pasta, oh boy, that's might a lil too creamy to my liking. The pasta became rather creamy and tasted a lil bit bland to me, but well, our bad for pouring all of the egg yolk I guess.
Funghi Au Trruffle ( RM 28 )
Mei Yee ordered the Funghi Au Truffle and this is definitely another new thing I have seen. The pizza doesn't look appetizing from the look but a bite of it, you know what I mean! It's just simply delicious! For the first time, I prefer something green on my pizza!
Salmon Pizza ( RM 31 )
Another pizza that we had on that night was the Salmon Pizza. By looking at it, there were sufficient amount of salmon slices on top of the pizza with some greens. Oh boy, perhaps this is one of the best pizzas I have ever had? I enjoyed myself max eating the thin crust pizza with the slice of fresh raw salmons and greens, wish I could have more of this.  
Chargrilled Spatchcock Chicken ( RM 34 )
The star dish for the night - Chargrilled Spatchcock Chicken - what you would expect from the spring chicken by looking at it rather small in size? Well, we were all so wronged! It tasted exceptionally good and you can definitely get to enjoy the juiceful tender chicken meat in every single bites. I believe each of us would love to have this alone! :P
Cherry Cheesecake ( PJ Hilton )
The both Foong and I would love to order dessert, but being the clever us, we knew there will be a birthday cake for us! Bingo! Cherry Cheesecake for us to celebrate the night. It was the Cherry Cheesecake which bought from PJ Hilton. Don't fooled by the small size of the cake as it is pretty filling.

Birthday boy and girl 
Those who know us, you definitely know how young are us! 
Cutting the birthday cake together!
Blow the candle after made our birthday wish
A slice of birthday cake to celebrate
Mei Yee, Grey and Yours Truly
Foong, Mei Yee, Lionel, Yours Truly and Gre
My dearly sister!
Thanks boyfie for the surprise! <3
A smile that always there when we meet. :")
Being such a dearly friends of them, I always love being together with them, we are just like brother sister together? As usual, we just simply enjoy catching up with others and always love to go for the good food and outings with each other. Say yay for the friendship built from the twitterville and blogosphere! And again, thank you so much for giving us such surprise and this is definitely made my day and simply bring the joy to me.

What's more? Quachee, who could not make it for the night, surprised us with this! A birthday song played by his own! Thankie!

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