Merry Chipmunk Christmas @ One World Hotel

Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell Rock.... I believe everyone has started counting down for the Christmas, so am I! Not just because it is Christmas but also because am going back to hometown and get to celebrate the holy jolly day with the dearest family! It is less than a week for that! As much as I am exciting to go back, am truly enjoyed what I have had at here, celebrating the Christmas in a different way, together with all the people at here, it was truly blessed. I have never thought I could celebrate the Christmas with Alvin and the Chipmunks!

Balloons fantasy
Merry Chipmunk Christmas!
I was fascinated with the all the balloons that hanged at the table side and with all the bubbles, what a fantasy-like at Cinnamon Coffee House! To be given the opportunity to sample their Christmas Buffet and get to celebrate the early Christmas with the children from House Of Joy, it was truly unexpected and grateful. Like I said before, the more the merrier especially during the joyous celebration like this! The buffet spread on that night was extensive and I know there's no way I could share everything at here.
Whole Roasted Turkey
A whole roasted Turkey was served and I have to admit I only managed to eat Turkey during the Christmas.  As we all know that Turkey's meat tend to be dry and tough, however, this is surprisingly good and not dry at all! I get myself few fine sliced roasted turkey topped with cranberry sauce and it turned out as lovely and tender as it is. 
On the other side, it was the beef! Perhaps, am not just a beef person, I did not get to try it. Judging from how others complimenting the beef, I know it was great! Just too bad that I did not give it a try. Aside from that, I was totally in love with the Pasta section! What so great about it? The pasta are made upon request which guaranteed the guest to have a piping hot freshly cooked pasta and get to enjoy it as its best.

Various type of Pastas
Various sauces for pastas
There were various choices of pastas that you can choose as well as you may request how your pasta to be cooked. While Mei Yee ordered the squid ink pasta, I opted for spiral one! If you know me, I always try to avoid something that is black, foods I mean. The pasta that we had turned out really good that I nearly go for another serving of it. 

Assorted nuts
Salad Bar
Salad Bar & Cold Platters
Ranging from appetizers towards the entree, Cinnamon Coffee House served some local authentic foods which suitable for the local appetites such as Braised Mushroom and Butter Fish with garden greens, Fried Mussels with percik sauce, Cuttle Fish cooked in Spicy Peanut Sauce, Chicken Beef Steak with Black Bean Sauce, etc. Not to forget the Sushi and Shashimi Deli Corner which served various delicate sushis, rice rolls, california rolls as well as the fresh salmon sashimi! And.. hey hey! What is Christmas without the delectable dessert?! 
Huge Christmas Tree Cake
Christmas Yule Log
White Christmas Cake
Christmas Cookies
Spiced Date Cake
Cute tarts
Mini Swiss Roll
Merry Christmas cupcake
Mini Fruit Tarts
Assorted mini cakes
Apart from all those sweetness, here's another favorite part of mine - Chocolate Fountain! There were marsmallows, skewered strawberry, fresh grapes, apricots, prunes and mini brownies as selection for you to go with the chocolatey fountain. That's pretty hard to resist myself from that goodness!
Selections for Chocolate Fountain
Chocolatey Fountain
To complete the whole course buffet, a selections of ice creams were served as for the happy ending! Six flavors - chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, green tea, corn, yam and rainbow for you to choose from while you could top your ice cream scoops with various condiments such as chocolate chips, almond flakes, oreo crumbles, croquant, pistachio crushed and mix peel. Look at that, it's easy to get your preferred Christmassy ice cream!
Ice Cream counter
Sliced Fruits
Did I mentioned that was the night of Light Up ceremony together with the Grant-A-Wish Programme to fulfill the wish of 30 children from the House Of Joy. The children from the home hang their wishlist on the 20 ft tall Christmas tree at the hotel lobby and all their wishes has been granted by the staffs. 

Children from House Of Joy
Happy face
Receiving their early Xmas gift
On the joyous festive night, there were carolers came and entertained the guests with the various soothing Christmas songs. That's totally such wonderful Christmas night to celebrate with everyone. The most exciting part was when Alvin & The Chipmunks made their special appearance and interacted with the guests! 

Yours Truly with Alvin & The Chipmunks
A coloring contest for children aged 4-9 years old will be held on every Saturday and Sunday during hi-tea at Cinnamon Coffee House. Prizes such as hotel stays, F&B vouchers and the Chipmunks plush toys are waiting to be won. 

Have a Merry Chipmunk Christmas!

Christmas Eve Festive Revelry
24 December 2011
6.30 pm – 10.30 pm
RM108++ per adult (includes one glass of wine)
RM55++ per child aged 4 – 12 years (includes one glass of mocktail)
Christmas Day Gala Buffet
25 December 2011
6.30 pm – 10.30 pm
RM108++ per adult (includes one glass of wine)
RM55++ per child aged 4 – 12 years (includes one glass of mocktail)
Christmas Day Hi-Tea Galore
25 December 2011
12 noon – 4.30 pm
RM65++ per adult
RM33++ per child aged 4 – 12 years
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