Expect The Unexpected

During my recent company trip, I admit that I do not think there is something that I should looking forward to. It turned me down when the both of them could not make it and seriously makes me feel so bad. Yet, am still go for it. The moment we get to know PC & QA will be combined as a team, having the both crazy cheerful people in the group definitely turned my mood on! We only have one night time to do the rehearse for the talent show and we even sacrificed our sleeping time and luckily managed to get couples hours to sleep nap before start our journey to A Famosa Resort, Melaka.
A Famosa Resort
A Famosa*2
A Famosa*3
A Famosa*4
We came for a purpose - Team Building. After stuffed our hungry tummy with the lunch buffet prepared at Golfer's Terrace, we proceeded to the Crimson River for our first part of the team building. We were all divided into a group and just so you know that the team I was in named Fabulous! We are just simply fabulous aye! But, are we fabulous enough to build our own raft with just few pieces of bamboos and tyre!?
How to tie?
Seriously, we were all clueless in building up a sturdy and safe to be floated on the lake water raft. It was sooo hard! I swear that is going to be my first and last to go through the process. Am not denying the fact that I had fun building it with the team members but heck! It requires lots energy! Ohyes, it is not just about building the raft. We had to make sure it can float and must ensure it can take up to 4 pax at time! There you go, you had to compete with other teams in order to win the race. It seems like so easy to maneuver the raft, I am so wrong! It's hard and we're so worry that if the raft going to turn upside down. The moment everyone reached the end, we're so dead tired. Am proud tho! 
Get on the raft and ready to go!
Heck! So hard!
It's not easy to do the "parking" too!
Well, I wish to share more about the trip yet my eyes couldn't stand longer and I need to get my sleep! Before that, do you guys want to see the dance performance by the team am in? Can you guess if we won the Talent Show?

( Alright, I did not dance well, what I did was LAUGHING, LAUGHING & LAUGHING! Sorry but can't help it looking at a sudden massive change of my team leader's dance move! )

P/S: I will be sharing more!