Durianlicious Desserts @ JustBerrys Dessert House

I have sweet tooth! Not that something to be shamed of, but am proudly to be! I love dessert very much! Be it cold or hot, I just love them much! Of course, been eating lotsa types of dessert caused me being so particular in everything. I always set high expectation on every desserts I am going to have for you know, we just wants the best to reach our satisfaction. 
Justberrys Dessert House
The bunch of us gathered and chilling out at JustBerrys to try some of their desserts on the last Saturday. Yes we need something cooling especially during the hot sunny days. JustBerrys might not located in such strategic location where everybody get to spot it easily for it located at deep inside at Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid. Well, no worries just spot Ah Cheng Laksa and it is just next to it. 
Justberrys Signage
Interior of Justberrys Dessert House
We get to know that this dessert house is actually a franchise of Pinkberrys which located at Melaka itself. How exciting is that they are actually bringing the sinful durianlicious dessert to us at here! We get our table and sat and couldn't wait to see what going to be served to us. It was kind of excitement when you can actually smell the durian even it is not out yet! Shall we look into what we actually had on that day?
Milky Durian Freeze ( RM 10.50 )
First looking at it, I thought that was chunks of cheesecakes on top of it and thought that was the durian ice cream too! No, all wrong! That was butter cakes and vanilla ice cream on it. What a weird combination aye! I took a spoon of it and gosh! What a heavenly taste of it?! They putting vanilla ice cream as they do not want the authentic taste of durian being spoiled by the artificial taste of durian ice cream. The fresh durian flesh with it bittersweet taste was the D24 durian. If you're a durian lover, you're just gonna love this Milky Durian Freeze as much as I do.
Mango Loh ( RM 6.50 )
There's something special for this Mango Loh. Mango is definitely one of my favorites fruit of all! The finely shaved ice topped with mango syrup and mango fruits chunks. What's so special with it? There were another two layer of mango syrup and fruits underneath the shaved ice. Now you tell me if this is not good!

Pandan Cendol ( RM 4.50 )
Cendol is one of the best thing to eat during the hot sunny day. I always want my cendol to be as good as it is and we all know that the most crucial ingredient for cendol is the gula melaka. The Pandan Cendol might look like an ordinary cendol but there's a hint of pandan flavor and you would know how special it is after you tried it. By one sip of this, Eric could taste the authentic taste of pure gula melaka and after get double confirmation from the owner, YES! Everything is originally from Melaka except for the red beans and cendol and of course the shaved ice. 

Durian Cendol ( RM 6.50 )
Sorry for being biased, but I am much prefer the Durian Cendol compare to the Pandan Cendol. I just couldn't resist the fresh durian flesh on it. Although I have to say that the strong durian taste covered the taste of the cendol. It still won my heart.
Longan Sea Coconut ( RM 7 )
If you do not fancy any shaved ice series desserts, Longan Sea Coconut will be good for you. Unlike other dessert house, Justberrys uses herbal jelly ( guilin gao ) instead of grass jelly (cincau ) for their dessert. It is much healthier in a way I believe. I would say this one is quite refreshing to have at anytime.
Sweetie Strawberry ( RM 7 )
Justberrys not just serving desserts but drinks too! Their drinks are all quite filling and I have to admit I am quite full after had one. My love for the day was the Sweetie Strawberry ! It consist of fresh strawberries and underneath was the egg pudding. I have never had something like this but this drink is something that you must have especially for strawberries lover like me! Trust me, you're so not gonna stop slurping it!
Snowy GoldenMango ( RM 7 )
Next was the Snowy GoldenMango. Fresh mangoes cubes blended so well with the taste of the herbal jelly. If you might worry the bitterness of the herbal jelly, fret not, thanks to the strong fresh mango flavor, it covered the bitterness so you can enjoy the drink as you like!
Cocomango ( RM 5.50 )
Cocomango tasted as great as others for it fresh mangoes and with the thick layer of egg pudding underneath it. Am I bloated with those mango drinks? No, am not! See, how addictive the drinks can be! 
Mango Sunnymelon ( RM 6.50 )
I personally found the Mango Sunnymelon is cute with the five watermelon balls on top of it! Could you not enjoy slurping the drink while having the small watermelon balls?

Happy face after the desserts!
All the ingredients used at Justberrys always fresh and that's their selling point I bet. They are definitely have sufficient durian supply all year round for they have own durian orchard at Melaka and we know that there's two durian season throughout the year. Just so you know that they frozen up all the durian flesh and now how to resist the freshness of the durian flesh?! The fresh strawberries are coming all the way from Cameron Highland. It might pricey just to enjoy the dessert but it WORTH IT! Satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Justberrys Dessert House
Location : Asian Avenue (Next to Ah Cheng Laksa) , Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, Selangor, Malaysia.
Email : justberrys_08@yahoo.com
Contact No : +6 012 - 631 8668
Facebook Page : Justberrys Dessert House

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