Authentic Penang Nyonya Foods @ Heritage Village, Aman Suria

Tuaran Mee, I guess there's no way I can get it at KL. But Asam Laksa? Yes, I can get it everywhere, just the matter of authentic or not? It was such a good day where the bunch of us get together and trying out something authentic and original. 

By the name of Heritage Village, it is already shown something to be expected. Am not sure but whatever that named ended with the word "Village", am sure there's something authentic! Just like Paragon Thai Village at Cheras, the Thai foods are really authentic! Right, let's back to the topic. Aman Suria, not really a place that Eric and I would go for foods but after the visit to Heritage Village, we might just change our mind. Reason simply for the delicious foods at there!

Interior of Heritage Village
With its modern kopitiam style decor and air conditioned place, it just gives the guests to enjoy their meals in a cozy and comfy ambiance. I guess the weather just being too nice which trying to suit our taste buds! Why? It was such glaring hot sun the moment we arrived there and I was so glad being serve the cold durian cendol and ABC!
Heritage Durian Cendol ( RM 7.90 )
I am a durian lover and being particular in durian taste is definitely a must for me. You know I know that durian fruit is seasonal, so do the Heritage Durian Cendol. I was told by the owner that well actually durian can be get at anytime and it's just the matter of the cost. Well after all, it's one of their signature! The strong taste of the durian cendol just took my heart away!
Heritage Durian ABC with Ice Cream ( RM 8.50 )
Generous amount of toppings
Eric had the Heritage Durian ABC with Ice Cream! It comes with a spoon of durian flesh and a scoop of vanilla ice cream! Not just that, look at the generous amount of the toppings! My-oh-my! Don't you just love to have it during the hot sunny day? However, just like what I have said earlier, the weather is being nice! It was getting cloudy and soon it rained heavily!

Chicken Lor Bak Platter ( RM 8.90 )
We started with the appetizer named Chicken Lor Bak Platter which comes with two deep fried long roll of well marinated chicken meat in thin soybean sheets, dried tofu and century eggs. They were just simply delicious to have for! I enjoyed eating it very much especially after dipped it into the sauce served.

Har Mee ( RM 6.90 )
I am not a spicy lover however, I don't mind go adventurous in foods! While Eric was worrying, I slurped the Har Mee and yes it is spicy to me. Hearing others nonstop praising it, I know it is just tasted as great as it is. 
Heritage Assam Laksa ( RM 6.90 )
The Heritage Assam Laksa is one of the must-have when you happened to visit this cafe. Obviously, it's totally different the assam laksa I have had at KK, but I do love the springy noodles and sourness is just at the right taste. 
Heritage Duck Egg Char Koay Teow ( RM 9.90 )
Frankly, I have never really treasure what so special of Penang Char Koay Teow for I thought it is just like the ordinary char koay teow! Again, I was proved wrong after had this Heritage Duck Egg Char Koay Teow. It is simply special and yummeh!
Nyonya Acar Fish 
When we were served with this Nyonya Acar Fish, I have no idea how to eat it correctly as it is pickled fish.     We all know that there's no way we going to eat it plainly but heck! Once the Nasi Lemak arrived, eating it with bit by bit accompanied with the rice is sooooo heavenly appetizing and GOOD!

Chicken Rendang
The huge in portion of Chicken Rendang served on our table and what is not love when you can eat it with the Nasi Lemak? The tender chicken meat blended so well with the gravy and it is just great to have ir during the rainy day.
Nasi Lemak
Everyone love Nasi Lemak, don't you agree with me? Even those oversea people love to have it, why not us as the local? We can have it for breakfast or even for the lunch! What else? Nasi Lemak can be eaten with almost anything, be it chicken rendang, acar fish, ayam goreng, or even the assam prawn!
Ayam Goreng Berempah
Another simple dish presented to us nicely was the Ayam Goreng Berempah. The art of deep fried the chicken yet leaving it crispy of the outside and tender chicken meat inside it just worth to love it. I am not sure what kind of spices marinated this chicken but it is great in taste. 
Nyona Assam Prawns
I have never fancy the taste of tamarind (Asam Jawa) but eating this Nyonya Assam Prawns just tackled my taste buds and left me speechless and eating it over and over again. It might be because of I love the sourish foods? I even enjoyed sucking the thick and sourish gravy on the prawn without mind whoever looking at me! *Oops*
Jiu Hu Char
Wrap it with lettuce
Next comes was the Jiu Hu Char. I really had no idea what is that till Isaac told us that was kind of stir fried vegetable with cuttle fish. I hardly seen the cuttle fish and only know that the cuttle fish is in a very tiny form yet you could taste it! I also learned something new which is the art of eating the Jiu Hu Char by wrapping it with the lettuce, simply interesting!

Pong Tay Chicken
Here's another infamous Nyonya dish presented to us, the Pong Tay Chicken. To me, it's sort of like a home cooked food for me. Just so you know that it is basically a soy bean paste dish with just simple ingredient. I love to have this with hot steam rice for sure.
Otak-otak ( RM 5.50 )
Are u a fan of Otak-otak? I admit am not. But looking at the huge portion of this! It was freshly served to us and gosh! they eating it like nobody's business. 

Otak-otak Fried Rice ( RM 7.90 )
If you love otak-otak, this Otak-otak Fried Rice would be your favorite! It is quite filling meal I would say. Worth for your penny?? Definitely yes!
Chee Cheong Fun ( RM 4.50 )
Since ever I came to KL, there's various type of chee cheong fun I have tried. The Chee Cheong Fun at Heritage Village seems to be different with it's prawn paste. 
Traditional Kuih
Don't feel like having heavy meal for the breakfast or tea break time? Fret not, there are delectable traditional kuih selling at Heritage Village too! You are definitely going to enjoy it with a cuppa!
The bunch of us with the owner
It was such a wonderful afternoon to have such authentic meal and I would not mind going back for the foods! For Penangites who been craving for some home cooked Nyonya dishes, it's time to visit Heritage Village to fix your cravings without driving or fly back all the way to Penang! 

Heritage Village (Penang Nyonya Cuisine)
D-G-31, Jalan PJU 1/45,
Aman Suria, 47300 Petaling Jaya
Business Hours: 7 days a week from 8.00am to 10.30pm
Tel : 016 337 3384, 016 233 0889
Facebook: Heritage Village